Vegan pub in Hackney – BBC London News

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It’s a lifestyle growing in popularity, it’s estimated there are more than three times as many vegans now than there were a decade ago. So it’s not surprising that a new vegan only pub is opening in Hackney. The beer, wine and cocktails are all vegan friendly. As Alpa Patel reports, it’s not just about the food.


Toni says:

Well, when it come to the greenhouse immissions, don't fart and blame the dog or the cow.

Iampdirahman ! says:

First viewer BBC London

Ads Gsy says:

I'm a vegetable and I find this offensive.

Charles Blake says:

Vegans are idiots! I fail to see how it's healthy! I find vegans look ill, and they are easily offended, and are childish! Anyone who makes you feel bad for eating are four legged friends is childish!

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