How To Make 3 Signature Tasty Recipes By Alexis • Tasty

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E.N. K.V.N. says:

Alexis redid this in her personal youtube channel!

Ryan Hall says:

Hey this recipe is on Alexis’ YouTube channel

The Analytical Menace says:

Who else clicked on this video just to see what Alexis looks like?

başak says:

Alexis is the best chef in tasty

Francisco Morales says:

Great recipies!
You "speak" with your face! Fantastic emphasis and mimics!
Great storyteller!

Rania Al-amaireh says:

All of them

Akirusu says:

honestly i love alexis she’s kinda underrated

yeetus says:

Beautiful glossy buns

Nicolas Salenga says:

Alexis got skinny in my opinion hope she’s doing alright

Chloe Choinski-Tucker says:

Man I wish there was a way to suggest challenges. I really want to make a cake for my moms bday but she cant have like a lot of stuff (list below). Its just so hard to find things she can eat. Baking powder has glutan so I dont and cant use yeast so idk how to get it to rise.

Cant: most oil, glutan, wheat, most sugars, most potatoes, milk/dairy, peanuts(extremely allergic), yeast, tapioca, xythum gum, honestly the cans are easier to list

Can: cashue milk, coconut milk, purple potatoes(only), eggs, meets, fruits, vegetables, palm sugar only, sunflower oil only, 100% chocolate only, honey not agave.

Honestly cake might not even be possible.

Asian Muffin says:

You could add pastry cream inside the milk buns

bitch i hope the fuck u do says:

Why is she so low res on the thumbnail tho

Petar Novak says:

Alexis is really charming! Must admit 😉

Aqua Games says:

what to do if i dont have rice wine vinegar? xD

alishba Asif says:

i love all dishes sooooooooooooo much

Радунхакеду а фамилии нету says:

I relly like her, she so cute and funny kind. Does anyone knows her name?

Chenalin De Los Santos says:

yeeeeey More of Alexis I WISH

Juicy Orxnqe says:

2:27 gO cRaZy

Darcie Merriweather says:

I would love to make the fried noodle teriyaki chicken and the cornbread bbq ones

Winniford Simmons says:

Came here to see if they got rid of Alexis yet. Disappointed.

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