How to make a Spotted Dick

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I hope you enjoy this classic British pudding, the great spotted dick as much as I do . I created these recipes BritWeek. BritWeek is an event that happens every year in Los Angeles to celebrate the best of British and American business. Seeing as I’m British,love my puddings and working in America I was so happy to do this and thank you to BritWeek for asking me to be involved. I hope you enjoy my recipes.

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Spotted dick
Serves 4
• 200g self raising flour
• 100g suet (or 50g butter and 50g lard or crisco)
• 100g currants
• 75g sugar
• 1 tsp lemon zest
• 1 tsp orange zest
• 100ml milk

Vanilla custard for serving

• Steamer
• or a large pan with lid for steaming, and rack or small cake tin to put in pan
• Greaseproof paper and string or a pudding bowl.

Start by soaking the currents in hot boiled water for 10 minutes so they become nice and juicy…

In a large bowl add the flour, suet, zest, sugar and stir together. Drain the currants and add to the mix with the milk, stir until mixed together. It should be like a soft, slightly gooey dough.

Lay 2 large sheets of grease proof paper on top of each other, place the dough in a rough log shape in the middle, length ways. Wrap the paper around the dough leaving a fold so that is room to rise when it’s cooking. Tie each end with string. It will look like a Christmas cracker
Place dough into a big pudding basin, make sure it’s greased. Cover the bowl with greaseproof paper with a fold in in it, tie securely with string. Place into a pan or steamer and steam for 1 hour.
Serve steaming hot with fresh custard.

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About Me:
I’m Caroline Artiss, I trained as a chef, been in the food world for 20 years and I’m a single mom so I am an expert in making quick, easy, tasty and mostly healthy recipes for very busy people.
I’m also a cook book author, recipe and food product developer, I helped open and consulted on my restaurant “The Gorgeous Kitchen” at London Heathrow Terminal 2, with 3 other British female chefs.
If you’re ever flying through make sure you stop in!! ☺
I started filming and editing all my own recipes on YouTube 6 years ago as I love teaching people how to cook and it’s lead to some amazing things happening in my life. My biggest wish is that you find my recipes easy, affordable, and yummy! Enjoy and leave your comments! Nom nom nom…

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Calvin Quesnel says:

Looks like a fish


I've never tried this but I think I'll soak the raisins in a little rum or brandy and add some spices like cinnamon, allspice, clove, nutmeg. And slightly toast the outside in a broiler after it's done to add some color.

mhenskeelz TV says:

I can’t focus you’re so gorgeous ❤️😇

Hellthrasher says:

Cook anything else. I'll tune in just to hear you talk and look at your face.

berner says:

I've wanted to do a spotted dick for ages now

Mary Valentine says:

Huh. Basically steamed biscuit dough that has sugar, citrus zest, and currents or raisins in it. Sounds fun and tasty.

CrazyBear65 says:

You need 151 rum sauce for that. My mom used to make something similar, but she called it suet pudding. Hers had raisins in it. She steamed it in an angelfood cake pan in a big spaghetti pot. She also made rum sauce, I don't know what all went into the sauce, but it had rum in it, and brown sugar, and rum. Did I mention the rum? You heat it in a small saucepan on simmer, very low flame, and then you add more rum, because you don't want the alcohol to boil out. That would defeat the purpose of using rum. You douse the cake in sauce. The sauce soakes into the spongey cake, and you eat a buzz. This puts all your guests in a good mood. (Or gets them started on the way to the evening's drunk.) Why you only put a little bit of that yellow sauce on there is a mystery to me, kind of like why fancy chefs in overpriced restaurants only put little drizzles on things, rather than dousing them. You know what I'm saying, and little squirts of chocolate syrup on the plate, which then forces you to chase it around with the cake attempting to get all of it. Douse that shit in rum, your guests will thank you later. Trust me. (Or they'll bust up the furniture falling down, since nobody ever falls up.) Yeah. I douse my smashed taters and chicken and stuffing in gravy too. I fuckin smother that shit. Then I use butter bread to sop up all the gravy. That's why I have a 50 year old beer belly. Peace.
Enjoy your spotted dick.


I've your recipies! Ill be trying the satay chicken next….


Tried this recipie and it came out better than perfect! It smelled heavenly too. Reminded me of my school days back in London. Thanks for the recipe really simple

akidojlaw537 says:

OK, i'm sold… i'll try it and lets see if my 13 y/o daughter gives it a 'thumbs up' PS, I am a Loooooong time 'watcher" ?  Glad to see your here in the US and thriving.

Albert says:

Wow I love your kitchen!!

Joshua Mitchell says:

Not enough dick comments.

Bexy Evans says:

That looks so good! 😀😋👌

TheAnglophileChannel says:

This would have been a great segment on our Spotted Dick episode of Downton Dish! Going to share this on that page now! 🙂

Noxmoony says:

That looks delicious and easy as well, going to try soon, thank you for sharing!

Mike Tee says:

Lol, I expected to see some immature viewers commenting about the name. It's a pretty simple recipe nonetheless, but a big thank you for sharing it!

Emily Fung says:

Yay! New video posted on my birthday!! 🙂

bearchay889 says:

Looks great i've watched a few videos on making this over the years but your enthusiasm over making it makes me want to try to make this. If I do i'll make a video showing my success or failure.

MonoLake02 says:

Well, that beats the heck out of the canned stuff ! Sort of like the difference between ham and Spam. I will have to give that one a try. Thanks for the inspiration…

palmer3977 says:

OMG i have to restrain myself with this comment Caroline, lol & you're a single mum, good memory though Caroline………..

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