How to Make a Vegetarian Christmas Dinner | Tesco Food

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Try our easy vegetarian Christmas dinner recipe with Kate Moore for a great alternative to meat on Christmas day. These mushroom and chestnut parcels are the perfect dish for any vegetarian menu. For more vegetarian recipes, head to Tesco Real Food:

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m i s s n i n i says:

According to my local Tesco's, they don't sell Forestier mushrooms!

aquarowena says:

I live in New Zealand and most of the cows milk Brie and Camembert cheese is made with non animal rennet.

TheJudy8 says:

It looks delicious!!

Tiago Varela says:

Attention that camembert cheese is not vegetarian, since it uses rennet. There are lots of other vegetarian safe cheeses out there. Thank god that in my country Portugal everyone uses thistle to curdle the milk in the cheese industry. Never understood why other countries use rennet so much.

Mini Mixers says:

I thought camonbert was not vegetarian? Rennit (sorry I can't spell)

Eloise Hunt says:

looks fab. Am I being stupid but where do the chestnuts come in?

tenar1966 says:

This looks absolutely scrumptious! I'm gonna try it this weekend.

Tesco says:

Our Tesco Camembert is suitable for vegetarians, you can review our list of Tesco own brand products that are suitable for vegetarians here –

Small forest dweller says:

Careful camembert isn't vegetarian safe, it contains rennet.

Feed Your Soul TV says:

Excellent Video! Check out my show for healthy cooking recipes if you get a moment! Thank You

Samareh INFP-A says:

it is a vegetarian dish, not a dairy or vegan dish… ahhh… 

Sydney Silver Show says:

good stuff 🙂

Pinkaphi says:

Wow thanks Tesco, cant wait to make this to feed my veggie cousins hehe!

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