Laura Theodore, the "Jazzy Vegetarian," makes Kale Salad

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Laura Theodore shares her simple to prepare kale salad recipe. This crisp and crunchy salad enhances any meal with its’ unique texture and pleasing taste. Paired here with juicy tomatoes, this appealing combo makes a tempting salad any time of year.


Cheyenne Sutton says:

Wow! I can't wait to try this kale salad!

Galactic Modeler says:

please do not sing!

Alda Pellegrino says:

I truly love your recipes….. especially anything with a hint of Italian cooking. I was watching your show " Summer Soirée " and was particularly interested in your zucchini "not-so-crabby" cakes.
Please do not take offense to this, but I am a stickler for the proper usage of grammar–whether it be English or any other language.
I would like to impress upon you that the singular of "zucchini" is "zucchino" —Ergo, one uses a zucchino, not a zucchini.
When speaking English; would one say a cucumbers? A boys? A houses? No! One would use the singular in accordance with the preceding, singular article, "a".
Well, the same applies to Italian. We have plural and singular-–one panino; two panini—keep in mind that there is gender awareness, as well. Feminine and masculine. Zucchino happens to be masculine. Therefore, its plural takes an "i"— for instance, "house" translates to "casa", which is a feminine noun. Thus, its plural would be, "case"— "e" denotes the feminine plural.
My point? If you are going to borrow words from another language, be sure to use its grammar accordingly. As a linguist and educator, I take exception to bad grammar.


Many thanks to you my dear amazing Laura..I love your show and alllllll your vegan recipes♡

James wesley says:

bloody cow will make any dish delightful

Kennerley McKellar says:

Wow jaaaaazy vegetarian great job keep it up proud of you! I'm so amazed by your content I am your biggest fan!

Aloha Jim says:

The food my be good the music and her clothes and style, she is stuck in 1974

AlaskanEagle1990 says:

I love The Jazzy Vegetarian! I've been making a similar kale salad for about a year now….I like to put thinly-sliced red onion in mine.

Ken Davenport says:

Omg, what a weird song and show. Jazzy vegeterian? Please get rid of your bong and quit sniffing your farts.

Liz La verde says:

Delicios salad. Laura where did you buy thise bowls glasses please?

Pink Rose says:

Thank you, Laura!  I hope you will add more videos to your channel.  I have your books, and I enjoy your show!

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