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Great compilation of relaxing Bar Jazz Classics.
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NEW UPLOAD: Vocal Jazz Classics:
01. All of Me (Gerald Marks/Seymor Simons) 00:00
02. The The A-Train (Billy Streyhorn) 04:30
03. Al the Things You Are (Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein) 08:15
04. Satin Doll (Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorne) 11:49
05. Fly Me to the Moon (Bart Howard) 16:52
06. Autumn Leaves (Jodeph Kosma/Jacqes Prevert) 21:06
07. My Romance (Richard Rogers/Lorenz Hart) 26:20
08. Take Five (Paul Desmonds) 32:05
09. How High the Moon (William Morgan Lewis/Hancy Hamilton) 35:44
10. The More I See You (Harry Warren/Mack Gordon) 39:14
11. Someday My Prince Will Come (Frank Churchill/Larry Morey) 42:58
12. Don’t Mean A Thing (Duke Ellington/Irving Mills) 46:38

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Helen Hendren says:

Smokey jazz classics – all I need is a cold vodka Martini and some bar nibbles and im sorted for the afternoon

Enzo Vellasco Vassallo Garofalo says:

I love jazz !

Rania Chemli says:

How i'd wish i were in New York right now 😢

StuckDucks says:

People who try to give jazz this deep meanining outwith the music need to shut the fuck up, holy shit you're not Hemingway.

Janesy Medina says:

Cooking for my wife and listening to this wonderful music 💓💓

Sakura Lover Music says:

wow, nice music, love it very much. 🙂

Helen Bernier says:

Guys Imagine You're in a 5 star hotel lounge and relaxing with a coffee with a newspaper

Helen Bernier says:

Does anyone else have the feeling they should be sitting at a bar, pouring their hearts out to a guy/gal named Sam?

Moksi 4337 says:

0:00 Mcfly et Carlito – Stand up de merde

Qazowned2005 says:

ibaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :,,)

Lucy McLane says:

Get your fave merch here ❤️

Alasfour Oday says:

i was just drinking milk and then when i listen this , bruh , my milk turns into 𝓣𝓮𝓺𝓾𝓲𝓵𝓪

DJEY DEE says:

Playlist 🙏, friends👭👬👫

Bryan H says:

I really appreciate the version of Bill Evans 🙂

littlepunk xdlol says:

Normal elevator someone??

my dab says:

Kinda wanna go out during the snow in the city probably by myself and get some coffee. Or maybe go to a big mall with some friends man, during Christmas time.

Angela Byrd says:

My cup noodle turned into a 5 course meal

Meme Warrior says:

Very N-O-I-C-E good stuff 🎶🎵😌👌👽

Luis Ventura says:

Imagine your in a cozy new york apartment looking at the buildings at night from your window you decide to take a walk to a cafe sit down drink some coffee while listening to this

Luis Ventura says:

Admit it people, you searched this up.

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