Traditional Indian Lunch Cooking in an Indian Village | Vegetarian Food Recipes

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Indian village cooking is always amazing to watch. This video will take you to the India’s most beautiful and natural village.
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Indian Vegetarian Recipes.

Recipes in Hindi.

Recipes in Gujarati.


Crazy For Indian Food says:

My Clay Pots:
My Spice Box:
My Stone Mortar and Pestle:
My Camera:
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『Quincy Baptiste』 says:

In Case You Were Hungry I Made This For You



गोभी के पराठे
प्लीज लाइक शेयर सब्सक्राइब🙏😊

Travel Food Vlogs says:

Your video is very good Indian food and I love your country. Me too
I'm promoting Indian Food on my Youtube Channel. I expect support from all my Indian friends. I love you all.

Vasant Kerai says:

Vasant Kerai from London, you are on utube,you are watched all over the globe,where are the english subtitles,if you want support.

Muscogee Tvffolope says:

"Come on birdies now, let' s fly in formation" Lol. The dishes look delicious. So relaxing. ASMRish.

Shaun's Kitchen says:

great…i support your channel

Sema Seyhan says:

Doğa sesleri ve yemekleriyle harika…

Anamika Verma says:

Kaash mei bhi wahan hoti aur us naashte ko village atmosphere mei, pakshi yoon ki awaaz sunte huve…. kismat wale ho aap sir. Kabi shehar ki taraf mat aana.

Anchul Walia says:

I made this methi karhi after seeing ur video and it was liked by whole family


Very good channel very thing is so perfect.Mashallah 👍

Hangry Burd says:

Love watching these videos and the beautiful, tranquil surroundings.
I started a channel for my daughter during lockdown and I hope she will one day use the recipes to feed her family.
Just want to show my appreciation 🙂🤗

Irma Bronder says:

Yummy cooking! Love the fenegreek multi layered roti you made. Much love. xx

Skyur Κ says:

Washing the food with dirty water. So clever

cucumber sandwich❤❤🍔

Shivam Gadhavi says:


보상데이 REWARDDAY TV says:


Aeryn1234 says:

whats up with that yoghurt my guy

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