Matty Matheson Makes French Onion Soup with Six Types of Onion

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Matty Matheson shows us how to make the ultimate French onion soup. You won’t know if you’re crying from how good this soup is or the fact that it uses six different types of onion. This French onion soup will make your life better and, according to Matty, it’s the only thing to eat after breaking your leg skiing.

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joeyservo says:

Then we're gonna add some butter, unsalted BUTTER!

Jacqulyn Little says:

Language now what if your mama ever heard that she would take you to Summer Church

iamgordy says:

why is this recipe different from the cookbook? which is better? why does this stress me out?

Kierra Bunch says:

When I heard him yell, I immediately liked the video

Erik Reichert says:

I got this cook book and the new yellow homestyle cookery so many things i cant wait to cook. Id rather fallow this than any Gordon Ramsay recipe

BigV424 says:

Matty, bro, what can I use to substitute beef broth? Im making it for some vegetarianos.

selwonk says:

This dude gave me hepatitis at burning man.

LordFabianshire says:

French onion soup was actually Julia Childs last meal.

Willis Pautz says:

I make this recipe all the time and it’s bomb. If you scale it down to about 1 yellow onion and half a red onion you can make it in about 2 hours as a lunch time thing.

Sugar Free Recovery says:

This is Bam Margera in five more years

Sharon Stuhlmiller says:

Tried to buy your cookbook with link & it can't be found.

vertigoEdits says:

dishwashers hate this man! click here to find out why…

Keith Hepworth says:

It was nice of you to let this homeless man cook on your channel.

Alejandro Garcia says:

Matty’s cookbook is clutch, 100/10 would recommend

Ramon Toyens says:

Omg iz right

Hotgame7 says:

This guy is like black jack but he's a Chef

David DeBergh says:

He’s like your one high neighbor cooking at 3 am with some deep bass trap playing through Walmart speakers

Tanya Hartley says:

Your fantastic

linda parker says:

Delicious delicious French Cusine !

Wandrer kommst nach Sparta Du says:

there s a thin line between genius and insanity and it seems this guy walks it. great!

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