Easy Vegan Weeknight Dinners

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Lisa S From Ohio says:

The recipes look awesome. Who would give this a thumbs down? Great video.

Gena Cook says:

I'm a foster parent and caring for a vegan for the first time. Your video game me hope and quick meals. Thank you sooo much🥰

Rekkha R says:

Pad Thai, yeah right 😂

Mona Paola Gonzalez says:

What is the ratio for the corn starch slurry? It says 2tbsp all together but how much much water and how much corn starch?

nynne bundgaard says:

i really wanna turn vegan, but…my parents don’t want me to. Suddenly i just didnt like eating meat (i still like eggs and milk and all that stuff)

Gianna Greer says:

The pad Thai was the best thing I have ever put in my mouth

Karla Lopez says:

a tip for people wanting to make vegan tacos: just cook hibiscus flowers, sautee them with oil, salt, and add all the spices you want, prepare them with corn tortillas, avocado, cilantro, and maybe onions with vinegar, this tastes actually delicious. You can use for a side some beans 🙂 and don't forget to add some lemon if you want.

Laura M says:

nice video but why this super loud crazy aggressive music??

Harry's Kiwies says:

Eeeee brocolli I love you!!!!

Ella Dawn says:

When you watched 15 tasty videos but you still can’t your perfect one

Priscilla Jimenez says:

How long do you bake the spaghetti squash beforehand?

Liz Fell says:

Awesome videos. Great recipes too!

Yugi Yi says:

I want eat lol

Isabel Bimberg says:

we've got different ideas of easy

Elle Jee says:

Made the one-pot pasta and it took waaaaaaaayyyy longer than 10 minutes to get all the liquid reduced smh.

Amy Ryalls says:

As always, amazing video- but we now consider honey okay as the workers for agave syrup are treated badly and beas are not harmed at all in the process of getting honey- they actually need it to be collected

Julian Caba-McCarthy says:

That first one with penne pasta so good que rico🤤

Beesweetbeeyou says:

Wow!! So many great ideas and I have 90% of the ingredients!! Thank you!!!

Joe T. says:

19.2 million subs for a vegan channel 😮

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