Easy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas from Monday Through Friday | by Erin Elizabeth

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Find all the breakfast details here: http://byerinelizabeth.co/weekday-breakfast-ideas/

Easy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas from Monday Through Friday
Today I’m sharing with you 5 super easy breakfast ideas that are vegetarian and delicious. There’s some great options here for if you’re in a time pinch, and also meals that will keep you satisfied for a long time. I’ll be sharing some breakfast sandwich and burrito ideas, chia pudding, loaded oatmeal, and a yogurt dish. Let me know if you try any of these healthy breakfast ideas!

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Ankita Srivastava says:

Egg doesn't comes on vegetarian recipes.

Feather Song says:

I'm just thinking about going pescatarian. I'm never going vegan, period, but I do want to start avoiding meats except for fish because of my arthritis. Fish is very anti inflamitory but heavier meats like chicken, beef, I dont even like pork, things of that sort, are inflammatory. I'm also working on avoiding dairy cause everyone knows it's bad for you. I don't like milk, but cheese is really good. Haven't tried cheese made from almond milk yet. We'll see how the diet works out for me.

Casey Cas says:

I just found you and I love your videos. I just made the muffin breakfast and it was divine! I feel so satisfied after it which is difficult sometimes.

Emma Soha says:

i tried making the chia seed pudding and i had it this morning and it didn’t look or taste like yours. it was white and the berries didn’t have any flavor 🙁

Meena Is Cooking says:

I loved it so much all 5 are awesome keep share such videos

Tw3lv3 Y3ars says:

Egg Is Vegetarian 🤔

DeAngelo Webster says:

Never seen a tomato look so good . The ones where I like are always mushy

James Lewis says:

I went about 3 days with no meat. I was getting headaches on a regular basis. That decreased significantly, I dropped a few pounds almost immediately, my joints stop hurting. I slept much more deeply through the night. Well i though, whatever the farmers use to fatten up the cattle, chicken, pork etc, if I eat them ,won't that fatten me up too?

Manmeet Kaur says:

Video is nice .but egg is not including in vegetarian diet.

Michael Roby says:

Anyone else disturbed by how she's pronouncing chia?

Erin Tomassoni says:

My name is erin Elizabeth! This breakfast video was made for me

Rebecca Rimon says:

These recipes were so easy! I was able to make two of these right after watching the video.

Ольга Петрова says:

But ideas really cool

Ольга Петрова says:

I’m sure that egg isn’t vegetarian

Fried Rias says:

Thank you! That English muffin sandwich looks so yummy. Will have to try it!

Jimmy Cole says:

Thanks for the great video, you have a nice voice and your recipes are simple enough to remember! Exactly what I was looking for!!

Maayyaa says:

Love this !

faithy baby says:

Fact: meats cause cancer and diabetes (chicken especially) and eating eggs is as bad as smoking 5 cigarettes a day. (Sugary foods and carbs do NOT cause Diabetes)

Isabelle Røed says:

Really helpful

my account is only for comments so yeah says:

I'm 14 and became vegetarian a few days ago and this has made school mornings much better. Thanks

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