How to be a Healthy Vegetarian for Beginners

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Learn how to create your own vegetarian starter kit and find out the essential vitamins and minerals you need to keep on your radar.

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Crystal R says:

I don’t think these amazing women will ever know that I bumped into this video 4.5 years ago and have been Vegetarian ever since. Best decision of my life! ☺️

Logan Paul says:

I'm really glad I found this video.I was working out today and I decided I want to become a vegetarian.Or vegan bc dairy hurts my stomach.I have no idea what I'm doing so this really helped.but the thing is that I live with my grandmother and she loves meat so idk how I'm gonna get her to buy me different food bc she makes some type of meat for dinner every night.

Inda Hurtado says:

What's the best seasoning for roasted veggies?

shot on iphone says:

"being vegan can help lower your BMI"

ummmmmm sis I have a BMI of 15………..

Gigi Gonzalez says:

Just get to the point

Jack says:

Vegetables can be loaded with pesticides.Research shows 60% of people carry traces of DDT. in their DNA

Adrianne Cooper says:

Y'all cute!! Great content!🎀

Tony says:

thanks for the informative info, such lovely ladies.

Woxineau Crows says:

girl your lips are so gross go NATURAL and stop buying products that are tested on animals..don't be a hypocrite and fake I know you can be AMAZING just be YOU~

That Dustin Guy says:

I want to be a vegetarian.

Brooklyn New york says:

The info is good just hard to hear with the background music…I could not finish the video

Brandon Parker says:

I really really really! wanna be a vegetarian now. because I ben eaten so much meat in my day just growning up on it. that I'm actually getting Sick of the taste of meat and now I just start to realize I feel bad for Animals

now i feel so soft saying that
even for bugs I dont even like killing bugs because now if I do I'm just gonna feel bad but that's not the point anyway came here to this channel to get an idea on what I can do

Just Danyelle says:

Yes sisters you go girls I am so happy for you both it is good To see educated beautiful women of color doing their dam thing #blacklovealldayalong no racist ish I just love my people.

Lizeth Tapia says:

I am having trouble finding a B-12 vitamin that only has 2.5 mcg … can you recommend a brand?

natchnieni0 says:

I think y'all are confused about what is vegetarian. I think you guys are looking towards being Vegan. Vegetarians include eggs and milk – or one over the other.

Elijah Hines says:

I'm a new subscriber, what are you alls relationship to one another. You look like sisters. Congrats on the masters

Kiddameh says:

Thank you so much for putting this out here! I just switched over to being a vegetarian and I have been having a lot of trouble figuring out what I need. This was really beneficial! You guys rock!!

Thomas Karalis says:

Amazing video! WOW

Taylor D. says:

great video very informative!!

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