Cozy vegan soups » a hug in a bowl 🥣

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❤ Sadia


Pick Up Limes says:

Cozy soups to enjoy year round! Happy slurping 🤗

arctic aftershave ocean says:

Can we add water instead of stock? I don't have stock 🙁

Julia Słowik says:

Your voice is soothing. Your recipes cozy. Thanks!

Love S. says:

why are those bell peppers so long ?

Astrid says:

Does anyone know whether you can freeze the peanut soup? I just made it and it’s delicious but waaay too much for me! I’m kind of hesitant since it has a banana in it….. usually I give my leftovers to friends but that’s hard in a pandemic 😅

Hewan Fesseha says:

Not sure about the Banana in the soup but will definitely try it👍🏾

GreenGretel says:

The recipe for the Peanut Curry soup isn't showing up anymore on the site (I had bookmarked it to come back to it later)

JSNwayne says:

As someone who LOVES soup (I make a fresh pot every week), this video was for me a non-stop thrill ride. I am SCREAMING, these look so good!

RikuKelev says:

Question for the lentil soup: I made it twice now. It's delicious. However I'm having trouble with the Vegetable Stock. It seems to disappear. I think the lentils absorb it. What should I do? Soak lentils longer, so they won't absorb the Vegetable Stock or use more vegetable stock?

diix Hernandez says:

Me encantaron todas las cremas 🌸🤤😍

Laura de Vasconcelos says:

why the creamy peanut soup recipe link isn't on the blog anymore?

Jones Ailsa says:

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Thalia Losada says:

Currently roasting the veggies and squash for the harvest soup 😋😋 my boyfriends apartment smells soooooo good, can't freakin wait to eat!


The one thing I learned after making the pea soup for the first time is that I need to double the recipe. This is my favorite go-to soup so I love making extra to store in the freezer for an even easier dinner option when I can't be bothered to dirty any dishes for dinner.

Tamanda Banda says:

When ever I look something up and see you’ve made a video on it, I’m like “Yes!!!Reliable 💕”

blue luna says:

i am actually admiring your plants , i love them & ofcourse thank you for your recipes xx

mark fabb says:

My wife and son agree with me this the best soups we have ever had.

松美樹 says:


Vanessa Sanchez says:

They look delivious😋😋

Coffee Break says:

I'm not even vegan, but one of my favourite cooking channels is yours!

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