Jamie Oliver's Christmas Classics Mega Mix. X

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A one stop shop for all of the best Christmas recipes from Jamie. Sit back and enjoy over an hour of Jamie’s best bits.


Ida Pretorius says:

I need a new oven. Please inform me which oven to buy. We have conventional, static, thermofan and convection ovens in South Africa. Thank you. Ida

Garth Vader says:

45:18 😳😳😶

Edit: And 45:35

Douglas Bolton says:

Is there add ins for the red cabbage potato dish

Douglas Bolton says:

Potato couscous duckling light beverage to bout

Douglas Bolton says:

The merris potato is that available for order that not us made england seems the idea place for that potato

Chantal Feraud says:

Bonjour Jamie vous nous manquez beaucoup avec vos superbes recettes bon lundi

Melissa Di Pardo says:

I love the clip where Gennaro insists on putting black pepper on the mince pie. 😂😂😂 His reaction when he actually tries it is priceless.

jay cao says:

Love watching Jamey cook any and everything. Love how he explains it all.

ชนาการน์ จิตรสุข says:


*Nature's Beauty* says:

Love a crispy Spud. 👍😊

colin101981 says:

Loved seeing you cook with your mum.

colin101981 says:

Love the technical term 'chuffing up' 😂

Beate Duergeloh says:

Every time Jamie cooks turkey, I think of the funny episode with Mr Bean when he had the turkey on his head.

paulaclagueelliott says:

Roast Port?😂

GL Gardener says:

I would love the nut roast with the tomato sauce. Great vlog.

Sally Smith says:

I'm a believer!. Lol!

missfloflowers says:

4:39 braised red cabbage

For Christmas says:

Love Jamie Oliver!

margie lebow says:

I'm making scallops with garlic shallots bacon and wine over linguine for Christmas eve

Loving your Lifestyle says:

This is a great video. I love the old fashion way of cooking. I call it old fashion because we go that extra mile to make the perfect dish. There is no short cooks when its comes to cooking for the most important meal of the year.

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