How To Make Greek Moussaka | Akis Petretzikis

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The wonderful Akis Petretzikis has a fantastic moussaka recipe using baked vegetables instead of fried to make it that little bit lighter. Delicious layers of potato, aubergine, courgette and beef, all topped off with a creamy béchamel sauce and a handful of parmesan. The perfect tasty teatime treat.
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Credit – Edited & directed by Pelivanidis Leonidas

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the_smoking man says:

Daxi! Iassou! Will be making this tonight! Efcharisto, adelphe mou!

Disco Volante says:

So greek Sheperd's Pie then? looks nice.

Alexandru Jalba - Cornfeld says:

That's genius buddy! It turned out amazing!

Awakening Consciousness says:

😍 Great! 😃I've just made it again. I wish you guys could sense the delicious smell!!! Fabulous!!! 👏👏👏😍♥️😍

Ιlias Theodore Skordas says:

I speak England very best

Pick Flick says:

Great dish! But not a quick one 😭

MissIndigo87 says:

Made this tonight- so tasty and easy (just a little time consuming). Can’t recommend enough!

Toni Le says:

F this dude!!!!
Why not chop everything at once? You're making us do double work, and also not specifying the oven temperature! Worst cooking vid after Kay's kitchen bs. 😐
Great enthusiasm for poor directionless vid my guy.

Loddy Dah says:

Uh huh. Absolutely delicious.😋
And the dish looks amazing too. Nom nom

Andy Mottershaw says:

I have just found you and what a fantastic Moussaka. I made it Tonight and the family all loved it. The method and instructions are clear and fun to watch. Will be doing far more cooking with you by my side. Thank you.

D R says:

I have made this recipe 4 times and it’s always delicious!!

kangaxx says:


Just like your tortilla

Jerzyk Jamroziak says:

I made this last weekend. I have never had Moussaka before and my Father-in-law always orders it (so I thinks to myself, there's gotta be a reason). I felt like I needed to try some and seeing how Covid is lurking around, I decided to give this a shot and try to make it myself. YouTubed 'how to make this' and landed here. OMG!! Thank you Akis, this recipe was easy to follow and the results were fantastic! I came to the realization that I seriously LOVE Moussaka. My father and mother-in-law said they loved it too (I drove out and dropped some off). Thanks for putting me in their good books (haha) and can't wait to try some more of your recipes/dishes for the first time. Great video, left me with no questions and easy to follow. For sure people, this dish is a 10 outta 10!! A big thank you Akis, from Canada!!!

julia south says:

This recipe was delicious and easy-peasy. It's better than any Moussaka I've had in restaurants! Wonderful. Thx Akis!

Adr Dry says:

Gallbladder attack!!!

A ril says:

Luv your moussaka… Nice recipe though 😋

MikMikGreenery Kitchen says:

Omg looks yummy and delicious sending my support to you keep it up

jan otaegui says:

Ground beef 🙂
Metal whisk on none stick pan 🙁

Glenn Babić says:

everything perfect until final bake; at 200C the besoma cheese and parmassan topping burns after 15 minutes

greytreader says:

That tasted perfect

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