How to Make Perfect Porridge – 5 Ways | Jamie Oliver

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Looking for how to make the perfect porridge? Then follow Jamie’s own recipe for the ultimate breakfast winter warmer. Twist it up with his different toppings & flavours and you’ll never get bored of this classic dish to start your day.

Everyone has their favourite porridge toppings – what’s yours? Please tell all in the description box below!

For the basic porridge recipe and more ways to pimp up your porridge, see this recipe:

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Bjond says:

Jamie: this porridge is thick af

SSJ2Pikachu says:

Why 3 parts water?!?! Two is more than enough! 3 is just gonna be soupy UNLESS you let it evaporated which wastes time and water!

LetoZeth says:

Sometimes I put some porridge in my butter.

Rich7714 says:

To be honest, I'm a quite pi**ed off now because, against my better judgement, the mixture was way too watery, and it ruined the meal. When I watched this video more times, I noticed that his oats part was actually a "heaped" mug-full, and the water part was very much LESS than full mug-fulls.

His measurements were completely off in this video, and in addition, the oats were all soggy, without retaining any texture to them because of the length of time he (and hence also me) cooked them for. Such a simple meal ruined. I should have just done it myself without looking here first – would have been fine.

antonios channel says:

Kai Pflaume gefällt das

Stephanie Schuurmans says:

And here I am after an hour of trying to make porridge and the oats didn’t even go mushy.. That was the worst porridge I’ve ever had, I’m never going to be housewife material, I suck, the end. 😪

maria akter says:

whts the name of that red fruit? can anyone tell me that?

Emy Pollock says:

Love your way Jimmy it's the best🤗😘😍🤩thanks

Brigitte Hernandez says:

I used the Oliver method and cooked this oatmeal to perfection! Used the “golden sryup” (order on amazon). It was amazing with fruit and walnut toppings! Thank you for this recipe and know how. Creamy oatmeal for life!

OnionWarrior says:

People who like this comment will live happily EVER AFTER

nicole crystal says:

music ruins it and stop yellin

DavyDave1313 says:

So porridge…is oatmeal…?

Giuseppe Crucitti says:

I am Italian and I have started to cook eat porridge as raw oat is not for me. Question: you do not use milk, but add it at the ends. Is this the traditional recipe?

Tamsin says:

Peanut butter and maple syrup mmmmmm

RedHairdo says:

Cool dish. Just not porridge.

Hanne VD says:

I like to put some apple and cinnamon in there.

Ollie Bond says:

lost me at 15 minutes jimbo!

Román Pasquini says:

I followed your instructions step by step and it's the first time I make such a delicious porridge. I wanted to stop using milk and your recipe was just perfect. I never thought of adding a pinch of sea salt, completely new for me. I'm Argentinian and lived in London for a while and used to enjoy porridge a lot! Thanks, James!

efi papa says:

αηδιες κανεις σημερα

Dandy Chiggins says:

3:23 lol I do it that way for breakfast xD

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