Restaurant Music 10 Hours – Relax Instrumental Jazz for Dinner

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The Best Compilation of Relaxing Instrumental Restaurant Jazz Background Music for Full 10 Hours perfect for elegant dinner! Music by Richard Freeman


Apple Music:


I can sense my mothers disappointment in me says:

Teacher: "nO eAtiNg In ClAss!"

People in the back:

Raul Gomez says:

Watching 90 second rice in the microwave never felt so classy

Sunnyx Flower says:

Never felt so fancy eating a plain chocolate cake

AngelTime Sweet says:

Very nice⚘

Jaden Daniel Bayoneta says:

I really like the background but the music is equally as good!

Precious Nicole Reyes says:

yes, um one large pizza 'n cocktail please

Guitar 6 steps says:

Play it again Sam!

Your Epic Gaming Gamer says:

My sister told me to put restaurant music when we were playing restaurant. I feel I made a good choice

troy peterson says:

Was missing the restaurant scene until I discovered this. My wife and I thank you

Gian Carlo Señarez says:

Im still not done eating pls extend time

Cntuk Mir says:

Me chillaxing at the restaurant, man weren't those the days? I wouldve loved to live in those times

Cars&Elevators930 says:

Me with my girlfriend having some alone time at a restaurant


Me sitting and eating left over thanksgiving food at 3am


I said yo my family… on thanksgiving dinner…. “hey guys, close your eyes, and pretend that you are on a fancy restaurant… 👍🏼

ItsHannah says:

I love to play this whole roller skateing and then add a wine glass to it

Soothing Relaxation Music says:

1. Spend 30min relaxing in bed listening to this and only this. Think of a thing you can do like say something, rub your arm, tap your nose… Anything that you can use to wake from your dream on command.

2. Listen to the high pitched tones/bells of the music more intently. Become used to their tones.

3. Allow yourself to fall asleep while concentrating on those tones

4. During your dream, you will hear the tones and when you do, you should recognize them from the waking world and SHOULD become aware of dreaming.

5. Have fun!

6. Use your wake up method when you're ready.

I can have them with this procedure quite often (at least once a week when I try). These videos are great for the binaural tones to relax you and the higher frequency tones/bells to become subconsciously aware of in the dream space. Learn how to do the process (relax, aware, dream, wake) and you will be more likely to be as successful. Have fun y'all

George Stephens says:

Just had a lovely candle lit dinner with the other half lovely music

Mojca Horvath says:

me eating sandwich and feel like l am eating a 300$ fancy dinner

Mojca Horvath says:

Everyone who loves jazz music

Chaslate says:

I'll take the hay fries extra crispy and a glass of wine please

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