Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Indian Dishes

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We found 5 of the best and most interesting Indian recipes from the channel, including some footage from Gordon’s time spent in India.
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Diyanshu Sarkar says:

Ngl Gordon would be a good narrator for the History Channel

r.ruthreshwar Sathya says:

Iam south Indian chef ruthresh

Medha Bharti says:

Someday I wanna be so rich and eat Indian food cooked by Gorden Ramsay… 😊😊

fiya rosanita says:

"goodbye mango"😂😂😭😂😂

Jabberwocky Draco says:

Goddamit Gordan, you gotta caramelize those onions a bit more before you add shit. don't burn them but Really get your onions worth.

Rocco B. says:

10:27 “a little teaspoon of turmeric” dumps a couple tablespoons 😂 mans a legend

Toknn says:

6:30 he said ‘secret’

Wild Orochi says:

Actually this kind of ant chutney is from northeast

【正志】 says:

Bruh Im an south asian too but the ant chutney is totally gross!

KING says:

clearly he doesn't like ants

Sandeep Dudi says:

It's dosa not pan cake

Sandeep Dudi says:

India ain't bullshit about anything except politics

Mamta Sharma says:

Gordon removes seeds from chilli

Indians "wait, thats illegal"

junaid ali says:

Gordon can cook food that is more Indian than India !

CoolGuyTofGuy says:

I'm seeing a lot of comments on "I'm indian and I haven't heard of most these dishes" OFCOURSE YOU HAVENT. Did you not see the men go in to the jungle to get the ants. Or the old man talking about the whole stuffed goat that was made for KINGS. These dishes you won't find in cities. They are 'tribal' and they are in small villages. You can think of it as a family secret recipe, not that many people have heard of it or know it.

christopher zorinsanga says:

Saihmarthur ani chiang ltk

SnowGentleman says:

And Bacon Strips and Bacon Strips And Bacon Strips and Bacon Strips And Bacon Strips and Bacon Strips And Bacon Strips and Bacon Strips And Bacon Strips and Bacon Strips
I think I'm in the wrong video. Puting other animals in each other reminded me of Epic Meal Time.

chris vanegas` says:

My friends recommended me to watch Inception. I recommended them the Goat Biryani video. They lost their minds.

Hott BUZZ says:

Now who pissed him off , im dead 😂😂

Ahmed Rizwan says:

I am a Pakistani but biryani is biryani

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