How to Make Breakfast Like a Brit – Anglophenia Ep 32

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You haven’t really done the U.K. if you haven’t had a proper fry-up—or a “full English breakfast,” as it’s sometimes called. In this episode, Kate Arnell cooks up a delectably British morning feast.

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everything is shit says:

understandable that the typical english breakfast is versatile obviously with the base of eggs, sausauges & bacon but with a whole host of items although who the hell grills mushrooms?! never seen this here in 36 years but maybe some brits do it?

Abdul nazer kottathara Nalakath says:
Simple and very healthy chicken recipe 👆

Patrick Knowd says:

Cute as a button. Was there a food process here, I was transfixed by her beauty.

Srikanta Paul says:

Skinny but beautiful

jonnyronnyguy says:

Her eyes and the way she smiles is extremely beautiful. She also has potential to be a successful narrator. Please do more food videos.

Eu Phonyx says:

The origins of the full English are a bit of a mystery! Ha! That's because the origins are Irish. She needs Soda farls and potato cakes to make it real FULL IRISH breakfast

Bill Smith says:

Only thing missing is lamb's kidneys.

Ismael Fernández García says:

Didn't you all Brit eat only energy drink and pizza leftovers for breakfast?

maksuda pervin says:

Beautiful video to make breakfast and to learn more about cooking please like this cooking school.

richard owens says:

show off your sausage…lol

Bruce Thomas Wayne says:

You can have my sausage, darling.

Ananya Acharya says:

Mushrooms can never come from a tin? In India/Desi Countries, NOTHING can come from a tin.

Peter Allen says:

You have forgotten fried or sauteed potatoes, Italian tinned plum tomatoes or tinned chopped tomatoes taste far superior than salad grilled tomatoes that half the time are not cooked enough and end up hard, anemic and tasteless also scrambled egg is used and Fired Bread.

Grizzly01 says:

Nice looking presenter, but a disappointing looking breakfast

Svetlana Jurić says:

where are pancakes

CanadaGuy 1971 says:


Dozy Doll says:

You forgot the HP Brown sauce! and the scallops potatos hash browns and the fried bread!

Gulnara Kandygulova says:

Eggs, bacon, sausages, black pudding, baked beans, toast, mushrooms, tomatoes, cup of tea or coffee


Nice food please coming

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