Instant Pot Vegetarian Thai Red Curry/ #Recipe426CFF

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Very easy recipe to put together but yet very flavorful dish

The Ingredients:

1/4 cup olive oil
1 medium onion, cut into large pieces
1 medium red pepper, cut into large pieces
1 green hot pepper, cut into large pieces
1 tablespoon of grated garlic
1 tablespoon of grated ginger
1 small can of Thai red curry, about 3 tablespoons
1 can of coconut milk
1/2 cup of water or less, according to your desire, the amount of liquid in the stock
One small cauliflower head cut into small washed florists  
2 medium potatoes, cut into large cubes
Some basil leaves
A small bunch of Swiss chard or any green
Cilantro for garnishing (optional)

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COOKING FOR FUN اكلات متنوعة says:

Instant Pot Vegetarian Thai Red Curry/ #Recipe426CFF

Galawish Audish88 says:

اطيب اكل صحي والذيذ عاشت الايادي وبارك الله بجهودك عزيزتي 👍😋💐😘

شاڪر Shaker says:

ما شاء الله عليكم المسيح اساتذة بطبخ الخضراوات😂 . حقيقتاً اكثر من رائع ابدعتي مدام

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