What Would Happen If the World Suddenly Became Vegetarian?

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What if the whole world all of a sudden became vegetarian? Would anything change? How bad is meat for the environment?

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Fuzzy & Nutz says:

It's mostly vegetables for me. Even though I can see a roasted squirrel in my future…

Tanner Austin says:

not a vegan, not going to do this ever

樂毛 says:

Ex vegan here. Now I consume balanced diet. Like 90% veggies/fruits 10% fish/chicken/beef/egg

Hasan Basheer says:

What will happen to the cattles' population if the world turned vegan?

fayrandomuser l says:

I have balanced diet of meat and vegetables and fruits and someone said you dont need meat in your life and i didnt change i still eat balanced diet of veggies and meat and nuts fruits

lachie Thomas says:

One thing is certain I am never giving up my meat 🍖

Imothek says:

Seems reasonable enough of a lifestyle, but i wonder, what happens to the animals?

HWK Nena 99 grg says:

There would be so many pigs 😂

LordAnyAdam says:

Dont tell anyone your opinion that you need meat to survive. Let the scientists do their Job and be quiet. You dont need it.

Dr . A . Rosenberg says:

Yes I agree with you ! Eat more red meat along with a large variety of processed foods and you will be on the road to great health !!!!

Priya Rai says:

I searched for this randomly, because I love to have non veg meals and I had a dream I.e. chickens will take over world if we becomes vegetarian 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ken Miller says:

Being a vegetarian was the best thing that has happened to me and honestly I have list so much weight over it!! If you do consider being one, you have to keep a balanced diet.

Whitney Thiher says:

I am vegetarian. I wish more people would choose this life style. Maybe if being vegetarian was more common more resteraunts would cater to our tastes. When I eat out with my family (before the whole covid pandemic) I would frequently have to order from the side menue because those were their only vegetarian options.

sith yeager says:

If you want to be vegetarian , then indian food is heaven!

Robloxian jimy ツ says:

but if everybody turned vegan then alot of animals that were domesticated like chickens must be put in places to be taken care of because they cant survive the wild and other animals like pigs cant survive due to predators and since we will release alot of animals then it would increase the price of veggies and fruits and also add humans in that, veggies and fruits will be very expensive because alot will want it

Ujjwal barnwal says:

M proud to be vegetarian from india

Smile! My Deer! says:

I can live without meat

Dynomynamic 7 says:

Stop eating meat, keep beating meat!

Dragon Heart says:

You did not focus on how there would be a huge abundunce of animals that we normally hunt to keep their numbers low to suddenly spring up and cover the planet. They would eat away at plant life with us helping them, and that would male a LOT less plants available. And if you say "can can still havw hunting seasons for them" no. Hunting for sport is horrible. And its even worse that we would have to wipe out a species just because of our choices. We need carnivores for a reason. The world would eventually starve to death without them. Also we NEED meat in our diet. And no you cant just live of gummy vitamins. I know that from personal experience.

So if every person in the world went vegan, one problem would lead to another, and boom, Earth would litterally become a floating rock, devoid of all plant life and other life forms

I Am You says:

I love Meat

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