Tasting The Must-Try World Famous Hotel Diana Gadbad & Veg Cutlet In Udupi | A Legacy Of 60 Years!

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When this enterprise conjured up the name Diana in the sixties, it was meant to sell cool drinks and ice cream in Udupi, then a sleepy town in South Canara. But because cool drinks and ice creams weren’t popular in this sleepy South Canara town those days, the Pai family decided to diversify into snacks. Their first creation, a vegetable cutlet, then a foreign item to the Udupi populace, took nearly five years to curry favour with the locals. Along the way, they also accidentally conjured up an ice cream concoction, the Diana Gadbad. Whilst the early days may have been tough, these 60-year old timeless classics are the most popular items on the menu today. Hope you enjoy this episode, take care and stay safe.

Vegetable Cutlet
A potato and beetroot patty that is flavoured with a seasoning of curry leaves, lentils and spices, this cutlet is a delicious medley of flavours and textures. The accompanying homemade chutney and sauce make for worthy companions to this Diana classic.
Rs. 75 (usd 1)

Diana Gadbad
An accidental invention of this eatery nearly 60 years ago when the restaurant’s founder, Mohandas Pai, put together a concoction of three ice creams, because he had very little quantity of each, topped with cashew nuts to feed a large group of customers who dropped in unexpectedly for ice cream. And because it was prepared in a ‘gadibidi’ (kannada word for ‘hurry’) it came to be known as the Gadbad. A layered creation with strawberry ice cream, eight types of dry fruits, fresh fruits, a special ‘Horlicks’ cake, vanilla cake, no two spoonfuls of this delicious dessert are the same.
Rs. 120 (usd 1.6)

Kripal Amanna,
Gourmet On The Road,
Food Lovers TV

TIMINGS: 8am to 930pm on all days
Note: It can get crowded, especially on weekends, but the service is quick.
ADDRESS – Hotel Diana, Opp Big Bazar Ajjarkad, Udupi, Karnataka 576101; tel: +91 820 252050/ 2522586/ 2524558
LOCATION TAG – https://goo.gl/maps/oWc6tRDjuCtFz8Ek7

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Food Lovers TV says:

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AK group of hotel says:

It's simple gadbad is tutyfruity 😄

Saquib Najmus says:

thanks for the video Diana hmmm..

Deepak M says:

IMO, Kamath's which has now closed down, had the best Gadbad in Udupi. Their rava coated cutlet was crunchy and delicious

Lets Do It says:

Pineapple 🍍 sheera at Diana 👍

Samvedan Pai says:

I've been to both old and new diana. The cutlet is the same 😍
Even dahi puri tastes good plate full of yogurt 😍

Swathi Tantri says:

i think u are staying in ocean pearl in udupi

Helpful Initiatives says:

20:28 😋

Swathi Tantri says:

sir are u in udupi can i meet you

somdutta nath says:

I went there in 2013 While studying BE in MIT manipal….I remember I got the last horlicks cake of the day.

Shashank Raj says:

Kripal looks dizy in this episode. His smile is missing in this episode.

Divya Bhat says:

Udupi.. my hometown..❤thank u for shooting the episode with Diana.. my favourite.. ❤😍Love from chillin canada

Ninaad Bhat says:


Ivan Nadenka says:

In the road sign it says udupi just 03 km… you got to try the udupi rasam man.

Karen Dsouza says:

Please visit Cream Bowl parlour in car street, you will see the best array of icecreams, which are a delight for all residents.

RRK Status says:

Nice video Sir

Rahul Kamath says:

Reminiscing Manipal days watching this! Thank you so much 🙂 even your Blr videos were very very engaging, in and around PSJW.

2589kiran says:

I love diana cutlet😋, gadbad ice cream born here

Hanumesh Goudappa says:

Sir ur so lucky😋🤤we here mouth watering😁

shishir shetty says:

Go to local konkani hotels near the mutt.. there are some more traditional food varities..

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