5 Kid-Friendly Vegan Meals

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TK says:

The recipes look great but the video is annoyingly fast. Btw, my son is 3 and he hates any types of meat by nature.

Unicorn Sparkle Tigers says:

This looks awesome

gabshii says:

i love how most of the comments are protecting the vegans and vegetarians. we salute you.

also, f the haters, why would you judge someond because of their food choices?

Starxy_Eclipse says:

The thing is.. everyone is saying there’s so many haters in this comment section, but I couldn’t find any, all I could find is people saying theres so many haters in the comment section- don’t mind my bad grammar English is not my 1st language :p.

Serena Liu says:

when you want to be vegan but your mom won't buy things like vegan cheese and nutritional yeast because we already have so much cow milk cheese at home 🙁

Capt. Rob Atkinson says:

I love vegetables right next to my steak.

lianna bejar says:


Jeff Siemens says:

This video is racing through the recipes way too quickly without really giving me any time to see what you're even cooking.

BD Kaur says:

thank you so much for sharing this video

DY - 06BK 779402 Plum Tree Park PS says:

I’m only here cause vegan makes good sound easy PLUS it’s for kids so EEEEEEEEEE easy

Bindu Rani says:


Gabriela Lopez says:

What the Health has me looking up vegan receipts gonna try my best to change my life style

Biro Cloud says:

freeze for 1 month you crazy???

Jemmington :P says:

Okay but did the first meal say freeze up to one month…

Mini Jones family says:

i really like them but i wish the words showed longer

Kirttana S says:

This is coming from a 12 year old and I am a vegetarian just wanna thank my fav Japanese restaurant for having vegetarian options I luv Japanese food

Anisah Jordan says:

Are we supposed to freeze it for up to one month or does it last for up to 1 month

Tre Rob says:

You lost me when I saw 'Sugar'.✈

Kara Stuart says:

For all the non vegans here
Why did u click on this vid
Huh 🤔 just to say “it’s child abuse” coz it’s not so go away and find something to watch that concerns you


I'm hungry now ;-;

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