Mediterranean Baked Beans a Healthy Vegetarian Meal

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A nutritious and delicious Mediterranean meal. The beans are creamy and succulent, full of flavours and topped with a toasted olive oil parsley crust. This recipe is also perfect for vegans and vegetarians, simply use vegetable stock instead of chicken. It’s best to soak the beans the day before, however you can cook them from dry if you don’t have the time. They will take longer and be a little mushier. Even though the beans will bake for over 40 minutes, don’t under cook the beans when boiling, try and cook them so they are firm but ready to eat before baking. Enjoy my healthy Mediterranean Baked Beans.

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Carolina Erickson says:

My new and forever most favorite Chef…so happy to have stumbled upon this channel..I adore the photography the presentation, sounds and the fact that he is not ooooh and aaaaah while sharing the recipes which are spectacular!!! I have been inhaling your videos about recipes and travels….thank you so very much from my nostalgic Italian heart🥰

imelda susanti says:

Thank you for sharing recipe, it’ s specially for the end of the month and only can of beans left over and technically still enjoy the delicious food.

AZIZ18691 says:

I Love this recipe! 🥰

om waleed says:

Healthy,easy and delicious 😋 😋😋thanks for sharing 🌹🌹🌹

Sana Honpode says:

Skipped the breadcrumbs part, and must say….too good!
Full of flavour 😋
Thank you Chef!

DIANE Cox says:

Plain and simple ~ I love love love your videos!

Sana Honpode says:

Any alternative for baking?

Cook with Sammy says:

Hi Joel
Just tried this recipe today, well what can I say !!!! finishing cooking the beans in the oven and adding breadcumbs is just genieus ……. big BRAVO 👍

Kim Zeck says:

So delicious! Thanks very much for sharing ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Patricia O'Brien says:

Hi Joel greetings from Ireland thank you for all the beautiful recipes each one perfect how did you get so talented your amazing at what you do.i glad I came accross your website please continue making all these lovely recipe,it would be nice to see you on camera once again thank you
Patricia obrien 🙋🇮🇪

786 Deen Al Haqq says:

Lovely Music and Visuals.

William Fluck says:

Hey Joel, Perfect to combat all the bad 🍷🍸🍹🍺🍻 stuff I've been trying lately! Take care buddy!! Thanks for the recipe, it really does look good!!!

Harvey Levene says:

I am on the case tonight!

Marcel Flo says:

Beautiful and tasty looking recipe! :)👍

esperanza says:

Wow! It looks yummy! Can I use chickpea or lentil?

Roz Sa says:

Italian born, Spanish girlfriend with Greek friends and neighbour. There isn't a country on the Mediterranean that I haven't visited, including North Africa. Where is this dish supposed to be from exactly? 🤔

yamine mehdi says:

from algeria.verry good thank you

Bat Ol says:

i made it today, PERFECT, zero leftovers

Happiness joy and love Doctor says:

This is a great recipe blerfect for anytime I’d prefer it brunch. Thank you your videos are great

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