My Formula for Fantastic Salads | healthy + vegan

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No room for sad salads here! Here are the 5 elements of how to make a great salad, every single time.

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Salad dressing shaker bottle:
Food Processor:
Linen apron:


Food Processor:
Nonstick skillets (10 and 12-inch):
Instant Pot 6 quart:
My Favorite Knife:
Large Cutting Board:
Vitamix blender:
Vitamix 64-ounce container:

All Other Kitchen Equipment:
Film & Photography Equipment:
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zhoan Zandkarimi says:

you need a resturant

Christina Sun says:

Way too complicated for a salad recipe😅

Kathryn Savage says:

Any suggestions for people who can't deal with oils?

Linde Ditmarson says:

Thank you! I’ll take all three!

Evelyn Dill says:

The salad dressing bottle is really useful and doesn't leak I use it all the time

Megz Pittle says:

I must say I think I make great salads and you've still inspired new ideas for me 🙌😍🤗 thanks!

Rajdeep Dey says:

If this salad was on some Restaurant Menu I can guarantee it will not be Cheap

Linda Pesnell says:

❤️Salad! My favorite food! Thank You❤️

kathleen swenning says:

Such a great video, you are so so so great at this!!!!! Thank you so much I was wanting some new and delicious recipes and tips, your salad dressings look so flavorful and yummy!!!!! STAY AS SAFE AS YOU CAN EVERYONE, WE ALL KNOW THE DRILL, LETS HELP STOP THE SPREAD😷. 😷. 😷. 😷. 💞💝😁Kathy

Jennifer Crews says:

I’m beyond inspired 😻😻😻😻

Jacklyn Dougherty says:

💕💕💕amazing thanks for sharing my friend. Love the vlog💕💕💕

Ell McDonnell says:

I'm not a vegan but I stumbled across your page a couple of months ago and have tried a bunch of your recipes. They're all so good, flavoursome and soulful. You've made me fall in love with lentils! Thank you 🙂

YBlessed Blessing says:

After I’m finished with my 💦 fasting I want to include these as a part of my lifestyle

Marion K. says:

I just found your Channel a few days ago and it is just wonderful. You are so inspiring! Thank you and warm greetings from germany!

Sonya Vincent says:

I have salad envy. 🤢

mysticblood6 says:

This is the video I've been looking for! Just subbed!

Dabeez Kneez says:

Great new word… combination of CRISP and CRUNCHY… CRUSPY! Well done to you, the guys from Oxford and Websters will be in touch with you soon for your contribution to their dictionaries. 😁👍🏾💯

Tristan_hu says:

As I’m watching this amazing video I have an arugula salad with micro greens (arugula and mustard greens) and roasted asparagus with blueberries and golden raisins, and a tahini lime agave dressing. The fact that you incorporated those elements in your salad bases made me feel great. Thank you

Lawson, Tatiana says:

I love your shirt where did you get it from?!

Dee says:

Mouth is watering! All of these look sooo goooood!

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