WHAT MY FAMILY EATS IN A DAY | Vegetarian/Vegan Family Meal Ideas + IKEA Vegan Meatballs. SJ STRUM

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These are some ideas for vegetarian family meals and recipes – lots are also vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This video is in collaboration with my friend Kerry Whelpdale who has the most delicious recipes on her channel: https://youtu.be/IXhVp7XnDNU


Oui, Maman Motherhood & Vlogs says:

I’m veggie and I neeeeed to try all these things! I’ve never seen that Worcester sauce or those burgers! They look so tasty! Also how genius is that cheese grater!? Mind blown! Loving your channel 🥰✨

Tegan-ann Wall says:

I just wanted to say fin’s speaking has gotten so amazing! Fantastic job!

Katherine Poulakas says:

Please do more videos like this! Your family seem to eat similarly to mine, I’m mostly vegan and some more vegetarian for the 3 kids and my husband. and it’s refreshing to see how you adapt your meals you eat with the kids as I do the same – I have to minimise carbs to keep weight off but my kids have huge appetites and need all the potatoes! Also where do you do your food shop to get all the meat alternatives? Thanks 😊

Diane Jasinski says:

Coming over from Kerry's channel, I'm looking forward to your vegan recipes!! I love your hat!!

Felicity Richards says:

I'm not sure if you will see this SJ, but if you do, and you happen to know off the top of your head…where is Freddie's hoodie from that he's wearing at 7 minutes? My Eric is the same age and would love one the same! Great video as always xxx

Ally Andrews says:

What is that cheese slicer thingy?! Need it!

Life of Aimée says:

Here from Kerry's channel and I am so going to try that green soup…thank you

Felicia Stuhan says:

Oh my goodness! Where did you get your headband? So gorgeous. I absolutely adore your videos!

Rachael Wilson says:

Wow Finns speech! Always perfect but now it must be such a weight off his shoulders to communicate and be understood easily!

Bella Bee says:

I have always loved your videos and knowing you're veggie/mostly vegan makes me love you even more!! Yay!!!!!

Jessica Louise says:

Love this! Can’t wait make the soup!!

Tracey Zvirblis says:

Hi from Kerry’s channel…cheers from Australia 🇦🇺👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

Rachel Fairs says:

This was really good thank you, that soup looked good going to have a go at that. Just going to watch the bit about the meatless balls again with you saying the ones you have are more veggie tasting, cuz my little girl doesn't like the very "meaty meatballs" so she might prefer them if I can get them . Hope you do these type of videos again I really enjoyed this x

Puty0urlipstick0n says:

Oh your kids are adorable! I loved your names-videos and now I learn you're a vegan??? What??? QUEEN <3

r0sie16 says:

Loved this SJ! As a vegan family this was great to watch. 💜

witchwork says:

My husbands whole family is very stubborn about eating sooo much meat every day. They were very confused with me being a vegan, and when I met my husband in the beginning he'd say the typical stuff about how you need meat and how kids need (cows) milk. I had a loooot of teaching to do there hahaha
Where I live a lot of people are very angry with vegetarian or vegan parents, it's sad!
Loved the video! The IKEA meatballs are great

Ashton Haines-Levi says:

A vegan family is the best and healthiest family. No meat, eggs, and dairy is saving our planet and the only option we have left ❤️

Mary Owings says:

The green minestrone looked so delicious! I've never heard of that but I will definitely try making it.

Zoe Caldwell says:

Cozy video! Your skin and makeup are gorgeous. What do you use? Would you fo a tutorial sometime?

Marika Tiernan says:

Omg. Finn’s speech is amazing. Well done to Finn and everyone that helped. Xxx amazing achievement.

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