4 Classic Desserts Made Vegan

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stray freckles says:

this looks so good ohmygod, i wanna try out all of them

swara's home kitchen says:

The person who is reading this the god will protect them and their family from covid 19

Fajar Setiawan says:

Tip: choose your non-dairy milk WISELY. Not all non-dairy milk is equal. Some are richer than others. Soy milk is the best because its protein structures behave the most similar to dairy milk, but you have to choose the brand wisely because sometimes the soy taste would be really overpowering. Coconut milk and almond milk are the runner up, they are really good substitutes if you don't like soy milk. Oat and hemp are okay but you should adjust the recipe a little bit because it's much more watery and less fatty. And don't ever use rice milk for baking.

Maitri Dhola says:

Hi I really need cake recipe without egg or baking soda baking powder. If possible. Thank you.

The Skywatchers says:

I got aquafaba but no electric beater lol

Maddie with an e says:

Hi! Has anyone made the peanut butter macarons? I’m thinking about making them, but I’m not sure if this recipe is the one I want to use. Thanks! 🙂

E F says:

Peanut butter macarons?? 🤤🤤🤤

Gamer Leo1 says:

Bruh another tasty ad on a tasty video

Monisha Raju says:

No one:
Lit no one:
Me: Speakers playing Bodak Yellow while watching

Loglitch! ت says:

I’m not even vegan, i just don’t have butter atm but i still want to make deserts

Angelica Flores says:

I’m sorry those donuts look so sad. I’m vegan so I can hate on it. Lmao

Tanu Sahu says:

Brown sugar na ho to

Apurva Rajput says:

Tried the cookie one. Came out reallyyy bad. Tasty only makes things look good but when you actually try them , it’s all a disaster :((((

xoxo, bilge says:

I‘m not vegan but I love these because they are soo easy to make and you don‘t feel so full afterwards

kikianna c says:

I’ve made these vegan cookies 4 times and they’ve NEVER looked like how they do in the video. However, they’re absolutely amazing! My favorite cookies. Crispy outside and gooey inside, so yummy! But if anyone can help me with why mine aren’t rising as much and don’t look as full and the edges are very thin and ridged.. I’d really appreciate it! ☺️ (I followed the recipe exactly)

Girija Nagpal says:

if you cant find a vegan non dairy milk, here's some recipes:
oat milk:
1 cup small cut oats
3 cups water
1 tsp vanilla
blend for 2 minutes or until no chunks of oats, then strain to take out any excess chunks

almond milk:
1 cup almonds
3 cups water
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp sugar
blend for 2 minutes or until no chunks of almonds, then in a tea cloth, pore the milk and you will get a lot of chunks in the teacloth caught and with your hand, squeezed the excess milk out of the cloth,

store these milks for 2 weeks, these are so god, I think they'll be finished sooner:)

Dilem Altan says:

98% :accept that some ppl want to be vagan
2% : ppl who dont accept it
Hahahahhah lol

ayesha idrees says:

Enen though I am not a vegetarian i learned alot from this with I'll try these inshaAllah stay safe keep smiling stay blessed and I'll use normal ingredients though or actually I'll try the vegan ones someday

Shell J says:

Does anybody know why they boiled the aquafaba before using it?? Does it make it whip up better??

Vandana Rathore says:

Can I use sesame oil instead of coconut oil in my cookies??

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