Al Roker’s Original Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe: It’s So Good! | TODAY

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Everyone needs to know how to make a great lasagna, including Nick Lachey. TODAY’s Al Roker shows Nick how to make a delicious vegetarian lasagna using crushed peppers and layers of mozzarella. Sheinelle Jones says it tastes like heaven on a plate!
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Al Roker’s Original Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe: It’s So Good! | TODAY


Thandeaux says:

gosh! i wish he put even a little bit of effort in this!

P J says:

Al Roker and the other person called it a vegetable lasagna not vegan lasagna

P J says:

Stop putting Mr. Roker down. If you dont anything good to say dont say it at all. Do you and you will be all set.

Dev Kumar Sharma says:

It’s not vegetarian if you add eggs in it..

M K says:


Harry Bond says:

What a sloppy cook, your fired!

Nathaline Gbeadeh says:

This looks tasty

NestAndNature says:

Really really good looking dish! I got a bit of inspiration from you for my variation!

Lora says:

No offense to anyone, but why is this dish being labelled 'Vegetarian' when he clearly used an egg? I understand egg binds the ricotta, adheres better to the sauce and it is traditionally used with lasagne recipes, but this isn't a vegetarian lasagne. C'mon Al.

Debbie Smith Mcconnell says:

Rocker you are cooking in a tie?

Iris chan :3 says:

>< im very alleric to all the spices and most veggies and i cant have much tomatoes or cheese do you need alot on the lasagna or is it required to add all to the recipe

Eli Sunday says:

Yeah just any sauce will work…any type of vegetable as well..U know what just let your personal chef do it.

Ruben Handyman says:

So much food waste just to show one dish. It might be that it tastes good, but slow down man..

Iron Spider says:

It’s funny how egg is considered vegetarian when it’s not even a “veggie”

Lisa Elliott says:

this looked half assed. No real effort and would be TASTELESS! Man need fi learn fi cook

ImJustSayin says:

I added shrimp to it straight fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

cleshay Hunt says:

I made it it turned out great

drizzly99 says:

i dont trust people in suits …

sunrise00 says:

I tried it and it's delicious! So easy to make. I used the can of crushed tomatoes but also added eggplant and mushrooms for more flavor.

godra051 says:

good way but try add peppers and eggplant. It adds tons of flavour. And little bit of bechamel sauce will make it creamier.

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