Amazing Vegetarian Lasagna that you can freeze – Cheesy, Saucy and Delicious!!

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Vegetarian Lasagna is like the queen of casseroles, comfort food and hearty meals! This recipe has everything – 3 different layers, a tomato sauce made from scratch and lots of cheese. Potlucks, birthdays, family dinners – this pasta dish is your answer!

Full Recipe:

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Aoife Ryan says:

Real parmesan is not vegetarian, this should be called a meat free lasagne

finn the human says:

if only you could specify the measurements- i'm not a veteran cook so i think i'd get lost without them

Mike Somewhere says:

That music sucks

Venu Kasula says:

Thanks for the Veg. recipe. What pot did you use to make the sauce, where can we buy? Looks ceramic.

piyushsohal94 says:

Bayleaf should be put in oil with onions. Otherwise great recipe.

Mrinalini Malik says:

By far the best veg lasagna I have made . Thank you for this perfect recipe

Ankita Misra says:

Hi Richa, just made this for dinner tonight and it came out amazing. My family loved it. Thank you for the lovely recipe ❤️

Fella says:

I have so much more respect for the lasagna dish now

Ankita #Nibswithinks says:

How do sheets get cooked in this? We usually boil and put, right? The whole process of boiling is tedious. Am wondering if the sheets will get cooked this way?

Katrina Thompson says:

Can't wait too try this! I am excited! New to this channel!

Lamisah H says:

Amazing recipe! I tried making lasagna for the first time with this recipe and my family absolutely loved it! Thanks so much 🙂

Mrs. H. says:


YASH K says:

I tried but Why my sheets not cook properly

Christine Rodriguez says:

Can anyone tell me what the white layer is that she puts on it plz

NestAndNature says:

So cheesy and melty! I went ahead and used your recipe for inspiration on my version, thank you!

Sandra Stefanova says:

That was sooo good, only incapable cooks would give a dislike 😆

Yukiko S says:

Great video. I love lasagne but the thought of preparing tomato and white sauce separately is daunting. It looks great and not too complicated. Will try tonight!

Jimin Trash says:

Parmesan isn’t vegetarian :/

Pinky Patel says:

I tried your recipe, i made it and it was delicious

Sanjana Bhimani says:

Can you please give recipe of the tomato sauce you used

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