Fully Loaded English Vegetarian Breakfast with a Spicy Indian Twist at Kenton Lane Cafe (KLC) London

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✓ There are days when I just want a good old fashioned fry up, so having seen loads of their deliciously yummy looking photos on Instagram, I couldn’t wait any longer and simply had to visit Kenton & Harrow’s “best kept secret” cafe. It’s like a typical English café but some of their dishes have a spicy Indian influenced twist.

On the day of my visit I liked the sound of the “Guv’s Veggie Special” but added a few extra items; this is what I finally decided upon: Masala Mushrooms, Masala Beans, Masala Chips, Sautéed Baby Plum Tomatoes, Vegan Sausages, Hash Browns and Buttered Brown Toast.

The “Guv’s Veggie Special cost: £5.80
+ I added Hash Browns for £1.00
+ Sauteed Tomatoes for £1.50
Total was: £8.30 in total

The best thing about the plate of food which got served up (which was MASSIVE) was that it was completely vegan and was literally enough for 2 or 3 people.

There are a few other desi inspired vegetarian items on the menu which I didn’t get to eat this time around, so we can’t wait to pay a return visit wink wink!!! 😉

A special thank you to all of the KLC team who very much welcomed me and graciously allowed me a privileged glimpse into their “kitchen” to do the videoing.

Facebook & Twitter: @kentonlanecafe

The “Caff” is located at: 237 Kenton Lane, Kenton, Harrow, London, HA3 8RP

If you have any questions you can call them on: 020 3538 9601


rebecca trafford says:

Why didn't u get a drink?

ranjan vaghela says:

Really delicious .it looks like sizzler without hot plate. 😊 Sir , does taste makes difference when prepared by women? As you have tried food in many restaurant.

Amandeep Singh says:

Look very delicious nice video nice food thanks

Dhruv Yadav says:

0:36, look at the mirror. Now I know how this guy looks haha.


saludos amigos desde mexico

LUIS 333 says:

What is this 6:02 Green herbs ?

Supreme Builds says:

Definitely somewhere I must get to and try that !!!!

C Moore says:

too many bloody ads

Ash X says:

Pirst cless Wideo

yup111 says:

It's awesome heavy breakfast and yummy . Thanks Bravo god bless you

Shiv Gohil says:

Brings back memories when I used to eat there when I lived in the area. Shame I couldn’t actually see Guv, he was/is the head chef. Club boulevard also do nice food. On the same parade. Kenton/Kingsbury/Queensbury is a great area

Tanika Shee says:

Really delicious. Mouth watering . Love it . Wanna have it . Love your vedios . Thank u sir 😊😊

karon Last says:

That looks so good but I could not manage 1/4 of it in one meal. A great value, I would love the mushrooms & toast.

jatinder kumar says:

Very nice video

Einstein Wallah says:

why do you need vegan sausages? obsession of old habits and preferences? cultural slavery? because if it is vegan then it cannot be sausages so why call it so? call it muthiya dhokla if it is dhokla else just call it long patty … did indians not import word patties (plural) as an imported word pettis as in ragda pettis … so just call it long pettis … as an indian word it would be singular

GiLBY MDG ReKords says:

epic I live in Kenton and never knew this was here

Ra Patel says:

So hungry after watching this

Joydeep S says:

Oh my god! That's near my former high school!

Tjs Brahm says:

Nice one my mate..

Lama Aljohani says:

Keep up i love ur videos

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