ULTIMATE VEGAN STEW 🔥a vegan comfort classic

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The ultimate vegan no beef stew! Such a classic in the winter autumn months, even a great recipe idea for a vegan Thanks Giving and a vegan Christmas

WRITTEN RECIPE: https://www.rachelama.com/recipe-blog/2019/10/21/ultimate-vegan-winter-stew

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Cee Bee says:

I can’t find the written recipe for this, only the ingredient list, but not the method. Is it written down anywhere? I can’t follow instructional videos due to sensory issues caused by chronic illness.

Temur says:

that was a horrifying amount of liquid smoke :O
but overall amazing channel and recipe. big up!

VM CV says:

wait.. vegan red wine?

Evan Hodge says:

How many vegans go into this stew?

Rose Buds4 says:

Looks delicious YUM

totogirl0 says:

I don’t drink alcohol, can I replace the red wine with something else?

CMB says:

I will try this

Merlijn Bell says:

This is beautifully delicious

BJ Davis says:

Looks delish. Great ideas, I'm looking forward to trying.

dog chow says:

am i the only one thats missing like 6 of the ingredients?

Debbie Fabian says:

A technical question do you remove the rosemary and thyme because I found them a bit difficult to eat and took them out it's a wonderful recipe and we really enjoyed it 😄 thanks

Aetna says:

I cooked it and loved it. Thank you very much for your work!

Gloria Orenzo says:

The same that in others videos, not time and temperature at all.

You can't leave this empty says:

Sear all veg separately, salt aubergine. Add garlic, add flour, splash of red wine. Bay leaves rosemary and thyme. Thickened. Add tomato passata veg stock and marmite or miso. Liquid smoke and soy sauce. Black pepper. Add all veg to sauce. Add lid and put in med oven ? for ? 45 mins? Take off lid towards end add fresh parsley when done
Serve with mashed potatoes and broccoli

Louise Barber says:

Queen of the kitchen!

Berglind ágústsdóttir says:

i guess i can use what ever red wine.

Evan Hodge says:

You shouldn't make Vegans into stew.

Cophey Bean says:

DELICIOUS!!!! Definitely hearty. 😋 A meal fit for a canadian winter snow-stormy evening. The eggplant at the store looked really bad, so I doubled the mushroom. My omnivore husband also approved, so a definite win! Thank you! ❤

Helsic says:

I looks so delicious!!!

Jones Ailsa says:

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