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Every year for the last few years we’ve been cooking a vegan feast for our whole family. The Vegan Wellington has been the star of the show every year and well deserved. This is an amazing centre piece for any dinner but when it’s packed with delicious chestnuts, sage and thyme you can’t but help going for more.

We made this from start to finish in under an hour and it can be prepped a day or 2 in advance and cooked when you need it.

Full recipe here;

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All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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Simon says:

Can’t wait to try this, but what’s the best way of freezing? Is it better to freeze after cooking and then reheating or freezing uncooked? Thinking of the best prep before Christmas Day 🎄

Lynn Durrant says:

I just made a vegan Wellington using your recipe for our Thanksgiving dinner. It was a massive hit and incredibly tasty!

Our Summers Home says:

Man does this ever look tasty!!

Christina Scaduto says:

Looks delicious guys but Puff Pastry isn't vegan. It's loaded with butter.

Lavender Moon says:

Awesome, Thanks 👍✌

Lainey Smith says:

Lovely boys! And your Wellington came out lovely as well!
🌲Happy Christmas🌲

healthy-sports-1997 says:

WOW YUM! Any substitute for chestnuts?

peter236uk1 says:

Looks like my Christmas dinner is sorted x

eunice raquel reis says:

Happy pear!

evelyn baron says:

I loved the stuffing although I can't find chestnuts for some reason near me; I have in the past made one of the iterations of this stellar recipe to bring to a Christmas gathering. For myself, wheat is my enemy — no biggy just good to be aware of this so oddly enough minus chestnuts – I add almonds — this actually works splendidly as a pot pie with the top seasoned dark rye sour dough croutons, kid you not. Tried stuffing peppers, bad idea. Best wishes you guys as always I think the new year will bring us a vaccine and things will get better. My take away from 2020 is something you both talk about a lot and actually live; community. I had lots of opportunities to help other people in various ways and occasionally was extremely grateful when someone helped me back!

gergana tconeva says:

this is bit different recipe from what i did 😋. but will try it and this one cause the other it was pretty delish. just not sure for the chestnut does i will can find.

Julia Carreton says:

Is the puff pasty vegan?

Tabata774 says:

A healthy idea of ​​savory pie. I would like to prepare it on the weekend and it can be one of the holiday dishes.

Via Tron says:

This recipe has my mouth watering SOOOO much, you guys spoil us with all these beautiful recipes, but I’m not complaining!

Kevin Arantes says:

is there a reason you don't use vegan wine for the deglazing? I hardly remember you using wine at any time 😀

Steven Vitali says:

This is just what I've been looking for, something different than my usual recipies, love all the ingredients and with the pastry bet it's delicious!, Thanks guys!, I'm making it this weekend for sure

Jan Lewis says:

Hope you're both doing ok in these weird times, thanks for still making the vids! ♥♥

Kyle Gray says:

Watching this while eating left over jackfruit-wellington from Thanksgiving 🤙🏻

Андрей Ластов says:

You are the best 👍🏻

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