Gordon Ramsay vs Madelaine Petsch In VEGAN MASTERCHEF COOK OFF!

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Check out who wins the challenge on Madelaine’s Page: https://youtu.be/7aZj_XeqozA
To celebrate this summer’s all new season of MasterChef, and his billionth view on YouTube, Gordon is set a mystery box challenge by fellow YouTuber, and star of Riverdale, Madelaine Petsch!

There’s only one thing Gordon doesn’t know……it’s a Vegan Cook off!

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Vaishnavi Tripathi says:

I just love Gordon . His smile ❤️

Queen Inanna Snow says:

The Future is Vegan!!!!!!!!!

Jade Mendoza says:

What…the hell… is going on… in here?

I’m a cheese says:

Comments are to dry

Lliguer TizOr says:

Saying the word cheater equal to saying "Gordon Ramsay" 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Mocile says:

07:55 until 08:08 she is either the best actress I have seen or she actually wasn't in on it hahaha

Mocile says:

Holy shit that ass, puffy lips and bangs, how can anyone resist Gordon?!

NK DoSon says:

Madeline is HOT!!

But who is these Blond Angel?? 😍😍

NK DoSon says:

Anyboy know her name on Insta?

Mir Baquir Ali Ali says:

*Sprinkles holy water in this comment section*

Aavash Rumba says:

This comment section is waking gordon ramsay 1000 miles away with my laugh

Special K says:

If I were judging this, you would have no chance against that angelic Red Head. Wouldn't matter if she'd plated yard clippings, she wins, because Red Heads are the greatest thing God ever created. However, afterward, you and me, Ram Rod, we're going and get some damn steak. Cause we're men, and men eat meat. ARGH.

Leon Turner says:

He fucking cheated!! He doesn’t deserve the win (or loss)

• Hannah • says:

god everyone is so thirsty over Gordon, like man… keep your drooling mouth our of the comment section

Nicholas Nativi says:

Jesus, that figure would make any man go crazy…

Madelaine looks ok too i guess

crazzi-j north says:

Looks like my granddads armpit 😂

Audrey Antemie says:

Not one knife and olive oil joke in the whole comment section I am disappointed 😔

john bhangal says:

The bite-sized attack uniquely snatch because rice regionally dislike as a weary database. innocent, quack barbara

Jason Joseph says:

She's hot. It's ok if she's vegan

mina says:

gorodm ramseh of riversale

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