Hearty Vegetarian Recipes Fit For A Holiday Party • Tasty

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Need some vegetarian ideas for your next holiday party? Try these hearty recipes at your next gathering, the vegetarians at the party will thank you tremendously!

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Ishavedmymohawk says:

Ummm. Bacon isn't vegetarian, dummies.

kotov dot in says:

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vasundhra s says:

bacon is not vegetarian!

kotov dot in says:

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kotov dot in says:


Rashmi Singhal says:

Vegetarian recipie should have
Bacon bits , egg😂😂🤣

मोहन सिहॅ बिष्ट मोनू says:

19/08/2020,Evening/Night,Post Meridem PM

Srija Sriram says:

How the hell is egg and bacon vegetarian

Flight says:

Parmesan isn’t vegetarian

sharing with seryna says:

I love sweet potato gnocchi although they all look delicious. Will try it. Thank you.

IamGAIA says:

They just baked corn with cheese…wth😅

Priya Surana says:

so cheese they're careful about using vegeterian but bacons okay huh?

Laura R-B says:

Bacon the hell?

Anirudh Rajesh says:

Bacon seriously…..

Ingrid's Kitchen says:

Love this ♥️♥️

Paula Nieli says:

TASTY ! How could u with the bacon??

sachin 001 says:

Food is testy

julianna crespo says:

I thought that bacon bits is cut up bacon but everyone is saying its not meat

XxcharisherexX says:

Bacon bits are vegetarian did you know? They don't actually have bacon in them

damien says:

Bacon? Wtf – reporting this

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