Jamaican Callaloo And Swiss Chard A Wicked Vegetarian Combination.

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Using freshly harvested Jamaican Callaloo (aka spinach or chorai bhagi), Swiss Chard and Cherry Tomatoes from my garden to prepare a delicious vegetarian dish. With garlic and onion cooked in coconut oil, then the trimmed greens are added, topped with black pepper, salt, scotch bonnet pepper and coconut milk for what I believe is one of the tastiest vegetarian meals ever.

You’ll Need…

1 table spoon coconut oil
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup cherry tomoatoes chopped
6 cups Jamaican Callaloo (trimmed)
6 cups Swiss Chard (trimmed)
1 teaspoon lime juice

Notes: you can also use vegetable or olive oil if you don’t have coconut oil.

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Shalom-Grace says:

Awesome! Just picked callaloo, Swiss chard, tomatoes, onions and peppers from my UK garden, so guess what I'll be cooking later? Thank you👍

joan walford says:

Looks delicious.

Vinnette Pope says:

Thank you for sharing this wonderful healthy vegetable recipe.😋😋😋😋😋😋😋👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Lafreda Sias says:

Good recipe – please add the shallot to your list of ingredients! Thanks…

Paula Adeoye says:

Just finding your channel, currently trying to eat more Plant base meals really enjoy your videos 😍

Zee’s World says:

Love the channel. You cook with lots of love. Love the garden as well.

Valerian Steele says:

How do you keep bugs away from your greens

Christine Ferguson says:

Such beautiful fresh greens! Looks yummy!

Sharon Simon says:

Chris I love your Caribbean fusion, and I love your cooking style as well

Sharon Simon says:

If you eat whatever and you get itch at the back of your throat lt means you are developing some kind of allergic reaction don’t eat it leave it alone

MOODY says:

We don't have callaloo here in Cananda, can you substitute that with collard greens?

Tulu Ko says:

Can u send me some callalo seedz pls pls

Devonte Cunningham says:

Thank for helping me

Jokah Freespeech says:

Hey is the Swiss chard bitter?

P Bina Raj says:

You shouldn't have just plucked out those flowers of callaloo… It hurts them😟😟😟😟

You can do that when you r ready to eat…

jacqueline jackson says:

I just love callaloo its one of my favourite vegetable.

Karma The Giant says:

So I just made that dish and it is Del licious – thanks I had already cooked my Swiss chard and it looked pretty dull By itself so really glad I found your recipe definitely going to subscribe to your channel. I love that you grow your own veggies. I have a veggie garden also.

Karma The Giant says:

Looks yummy I'm going to try this recipe right now. Just want to mention that in your ingredients list you did not put the coconut milk or the garlic. Thanks for sharing

Ahkiva Williams says:

Thanks so much for the help.i am 14 and my first time looking after this meal and my mom love it.bless up and keep cooking!!!!!!!!!

Keisha Michelle says:

Im in love❤

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