Making Indian Sweets From Scratch at Raja Sweets — Cooking in America

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Houston’s food scene is as diverse as they come, and in the heart of its Mahatma Gandhi district is Raja Sweets, one of the first Indian restaurants in the city. Watch as Chef Sheldon Simeon tries classic Indian sweets like jalebi and rasgulla and speaks to the family that has been making these recipes every day for 30 years.

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Puneeth Gowda says:

Sharan got british Accent.. Responsible Girl … I know how it feel to miss father.. Respect

BOYGENIUS538 _ says:

Ras Malai > Ras Gullah

poron poron chef bunny says:

Why Mahatma Gandhi? I always find it cliche ! They can name it Bose neighborhood

robertoppenheimer says:

How about little less on sweetness and little more on cleanliness.

awti _ says:

Raja sweets is soo goood

fahrur_ ayung says:

some candy's

Elizabeth R. Martin says:

🤯🤤 Absolutely amazing and wonderful 🥰 I want to go there n taste all of it ☺️


I am a Bengali and seeing the shape of those rosogulas disappoints really….

Anonymous says:


The Priest says:

The world needs more people like Sheldon who are nice & respectful of alien cultures.


Mouth watering

Amala Sebastian says:

My favorite Indian sweets are gulab jamun, kaju Katli, laddo

N N says:

I love the video … but That assorted sweet plate … hmm … I felt that’s not even 0.1% of Indian sweets. He got a ton more to explore.


Indian looking like Foreigner and foreigner looking like Indian😍

mahjabi bano says:

Indian food is best 👍💯


daughter my dad died in 2002😪
aunty: he is very active in the community
like right now🤣
something is fishy🤣

May D'velra says:

It seems like daughter wants to take all the credits 🙄

Anirban Dutta says:

Jelabi 🤤🙃


I'm on a 72 hrs fast, and YouTube recommends this 😂🤣😂

Ashi says:

Your byfar the most respectful people to other cultures

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