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Enjoy this easy Vegan Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie recipe all season long. Packed with healthy ingredients, this recipe is the best for a Sunday meal prep because it reheats really well!

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You ladies are amazing! Love the podcast. Especially love podcasts that discusses YouTube, photography, editing and video. Really enjoyed podcast episode on November 30, 2020. Keep up the great work!

Jen Martin says:

I always used ground beef before I went vegan. I would make it with standard peas and carrots, but I also had a layer of creamed corn and leaks. Then I topped the potatoes with cheese. I'm sure I doubled the calories. I have never googled to see if there is a vegan creamed corn recipe.

TheFettuck says:

Shepherd's pie isn't vegan! Shepherd's pie always includes lamb/sheep meat.

Stephen Turner says:

I just bought an expensive Le Creuset baker dish to make shep pies and stuff in the toaster oven. It won't fit! The dimensions given were the inside of the bottom of the pan, by the time you get to the side handles, that 10 inches turned into 13. So now I have to return it at Christmas time. Grrrr.

Unintentional Vegan Ninja says:

Yes! Mac & Cheese Shepherd's Pie! I don't like potatoes. If I made this I'd use sweet potatoes. Pizza for breakfast, gingerbread in the summer sounds like a great song.

Unintentional Vegan Ninja says:

So excited you two are looking to do this for years! ❤

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