Andy Makes Classic Ratatouille | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Andy makes ratatouille even though he has never seen the movie Ratatouille.

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Andy Makes Classic Ratatouille | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


Kiaya Freeze says:

I'm sorry Andy but that looks nothing like the dish they serve in Ratatouille 😛

vboy63 says:

Thnx Andy superb recipe, my wife loves me again!

Mary Scott says:

Hi Andy. Try adding 3tsp of brown vinegar stirred into the dish before putting the tomatoes on top and into the over.
It takes it to the next level 😋

MsElle Cdnfr says:

Not the right ratatouille .

Anita says:

That's way too much oil 🤢

Nemonie says:

What’s your favorite Pixar movie?
I’ve never watched Ratatouille

So toy story is your favorite Pixar movie?
Yeah because Andy is badass, buzz is better..
But my favorite is maleficent (not Pixar)

ted1091 says:

Why are the cartoons singing. Lol

Michael Villa says:

Can’t stand this Queen….bring on more Brad!!!

Bristol Fashion says:

The aubergine skin is the best bit of ratatouille!! I stopped the video at 0:32… 🙁

Jeff Gregorio says:

break up with your girlfriend im bored

Yeshwanth Yerramilli says:

Andy holding an eggplant is what we all needed to see in this life!

Charlie Flowers says:

i mean he can cook but his personality is pretty awkward and flat… feels like i'm being talked to by cardboard

ted1091 says:

Never fry eggplant in olive oil. It's very common mistake. Always fry eggplant in vegetable, sunflower, canola, or safflower oil. Eggplants soak up olive oil like a sponge and they become saturated with it.

Annie Burchill says:

pay andy for this video

Cindylou Elam says:

Well who knew I've been making this all along except I add Italian sausage and parmesan shavings

PixersKev Production says:

The most annoying thing is that he really acted as if he didn’t know anything about ratatouille the movie including the confit byaldi and proceed making the old traditional version of ratatouille. He must know Michel Guerard’s new cuisine ratatouille, there is no way he really don’t know… I mean he works at Bon Appetit.

PixersKev Production says:

That’s not Confit Byaldi tho that is the old old ratatouille

Drew Shourd says:

This is more like a video about a guys opinion on animated movies….who happens to be making some ratatouille….not what I was looking for…thanks.

Vedant kale says:

What is turning a look? He keeps mentioning it so many times!

Perez Pepito says:

So… eggplant does not get tough skin when cooked properly.

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