Easier Tastier Prettier – Vegetable Sandwiches

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Tatianna Townsend says:

Your apartment looks to be about the same size as mine… you’re really telling me you have regular loaf bread, hoagie rolls, and ciabatta bread on hand usually? Do you have any suggested tricks or products to maximize space?

Graywave says:

Damn it I'm hungry watching again

Brett Sylvester says:

God bless the beautiful brevity of your videos

Charles Martin says:

Johnny Depp ish ?

Gary says:

If you dont like the burnt part of the bread you can take a knife and just trim off the black stuff and youre left with a soft golden bun

Paschalis Antoniou says:

Thnx for the recipies!
I can share mine, although i have no knowledge on thebtopic, its just something that i like (i am no chef….nor i have conducted relevant studies)
Ok, here it goes. Tomato, haloumi cheese, brocoli florets, cabbage, zuchini and oyster mushrooms all diced, baked in the oven. Once baked, this is the "filling" for a gigantic french baquet 😁, so, i put on the filling, pour in some tabasco and cover the baquet with cheddar cheese, in the oven to heat the baquet and to melt the cheese. And then, i need a soda or something caused im about to explode 😂

justin A says:

But where is the meat

Sam Salsa says:

The video that would have kept me a vegetarian

Pollux says:

I watched the video a few times and I'm a little confused. When do you add the meat?

MrBobbySugar says:

Tessellate… respect!

Carey A says:

I clicked on this video for the mustache.

001 002 says:

how in the world has he not blown up??? like babish crowd and josh weissmann crowd where you at???

D says:

Acrylamide is formed when you burn starches. This increases the risk of cancer. It also adds bitter notes to your food.

KamoGaming says:

Again you blast a how to do in under 50 secs, for those just wanting a recipe book there you go.

Wheatless says:

Imagine washing a whole pan for a single sandwich

Hanna Friesen says:

That was the perfect mustache

Captain Pantys says:

I'm adding steak to this sandwich.

desu38 says:

Imagine eating eggplant.

Ceci says:

sh*t I keep trying your recipes and they keep being delicious

S-Cube says:

It ain't neat without meat

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