French Steak Tartare : Classic version + Vegetarian twist !

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Video recipe on how to make a French Beef Steak Tartare : The meaty way and a magic vegetarian way ! It’s so fresh and delish with many beautiful ingredients !

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Feck All says:

horseradish and mayo on top is also a hit.

breadbasketbirb says:

This got recommended to me 6 years after this was uploaded. Algorithms.

Estefania Luengo says:

merci pour l'astuce de l 'alu!!juste dont j'avais besoin 😉

pizzagorgonzola says:

this guy looks vaguely like the genius who makes his own pizza ovens 🙂

V says:

Fun fact: I told my dad that I'm a vegetarian and on the same evening he bought a pound of tatar for dinner. When I told him that this dies not exactly fit in the vegetarian diet he just said "oh, I thought that was just another intent that you won't keep anyway". Well what should I say, I ate the tatar so it wouldn't go bad but now I'm vegan since two and a half years

chinechinecherie says:

Great idea with the aluminum foil ring… then of course you can make any shape, like maybe a heart for Valentine's Day. Nothing beats presenting your bloody heart on a plate to your Valentine!

phil bricole says:

putain il me fatigue avec son anglais à deux balle et son tartare vegan il peut le manger tout seul en étant poli , sinon j'aurai pu dire "il peut se le carrer au cul"

Fabiano Lima says:

Vegetarian people is a deceased

Jiri Marek says:

About to make tartare based on this simple gorgeous recipe. I might improvise a bit but I have to admit your beef looked phenomenally fresh and juicy.

jmah17 says:

@Alex would you be able to post the quantities of every needed for this recipe somewhere?

Rob Davies says:

My favourite food. Worcestershire is where my nan lives, ignore the spelling, it's 3 syllables, pronounced wuss-ter-sher sauce. Bon appetite 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

vuvuvu says:

In old videos, Alex looked clean and mildly shaved.. I think he's getting more comfortable now 🙂

Seferino Rino says:

I like he said one teaspoon and that’s what he added. It annoys me when chefs say one thing but add a lot more

Born Artur says:


Zorro Trollolo says:

Oh the butcher looks like the one i used to go when i lived in Paris (Boulevard Voltaire). They had fantastic products.
I love steak tartare with good meat. Would never try it with supermarket or intensive breed

Michael Shields says:

Organic unless u have your own chickens and bug raised

Riku Urufu says:

Wuh Stir Sure. Sauce.

Pumpkin Eater69 says:

4:11 French Fries are Belgians

Pumpkin Eater69 says:

Where is the lamb sauce?

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