Gourmet Vegan Food at The Gate

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In this video we speak to Yossi Edri, Head of Food and Executive Chef at The Gate. The restaurant specialises in bringing vegan and vegetarian food to the higher end of dining, taking inspiration from world cuisine, including Japanese food, Chinese food, Indian, and Middle Eastern.

Yossi talks to us about the complexity behind creating dishes for the menu without using meat, how fresh, well sourced, local produce is of paramount importance to the flavour of the dish.


Farzin Behji says:

I cannot find the city this restaurant is in!! strange that there are no hint of it anywhere… or am I missing something?

Bích Bích says:

Nhìn đẹp quá nhưng ít quá ăn sao no

fylgia says:

He seems so nice. And the place looks so good, really good style. And I agree, Elena M, I also find this man charming. I'd go out with him. He obviously is an animal friend as well. Always a plus! But it is a hard to cook "fancier" vegan food. I searched for vegan gourmet and ended up here. I would like something like soy protein but made of something healthier (have hypotyreos=get really sick of soy). I though have a feeling that chefs consider the meat replacements being wrong.

ipercalisse says:

I would marry this man. He probably already taken

Timothy Gray says:

horrible pans

dazzerstar says:

He's right , it's harder than cooking met based

We are acesending now, Buckle up says:

Smart Chef!

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