How to Make a Perfect Ratatouille

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Ratatouille is a masterpiece of French cuisine. A simple step-by-step recipe will help you to make this incredibly tasty dish.

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Ingredients for sauce:
Tomatoes – 2 POUNDS (900 gr)
Pepper – 8 OZ (250 gr)
Onions – 7 OZ (200 gr)
Carrots – 7 OZ (200 gr)
Celery stalk – 3 OZ (100 gr)
Chili pepper – 2 OZ (60 gr)
Clarified butter- 2 OZ (or regular butter) (60 gr)
Garlic – 2 cloves
Herbs de Provence – 1 tbsp.
Salt – 1 tbsp.
Sugar – 1 tbsp.

Ingredients for the top layer:
Zucchini – ½ pound
Eggplant – ½ pound
Marrow squash – ½ pound
Tomato – 10 OZ
Potato – 7 OZ
Onion – 7 OZ
Pepper – 5 OZ
Olive oil – 2 fl Oz
Salt – 2 tsp.

Making sauce:
1. Put peppers into the preheated oven 350°F (180 °C) for 20 minutes.
2. Slice a shallow X on the tomatoes and put them into the boiling water for 10 minutes.
3. Blend the tomatoes.
4. Fry with olive oil onions, carrots and celery stalk. Add clarified butter.
5. Pour in tomato puree and add some bay leaves.
6. Peel the roasted peppers, chop and add to the pan.
7. Add herbs de Provence, garlic and chilli.
8. Cover the pan and simmer for 60 minutes, then remove the lid and simmer for another 30 minutes.
9. Slice vegetables – 3-5 mm rings. Put eggplant and marrow squash into the bowl with cold salted water for 20 minutes.
10. Add thyme and basil, then blend it a little bit.
11. Spread the sauce in a mold, lay out the vegetables, alternating the sequence.
12. Make a dressing of olive oil, thyme, salt and pepper. Pour the vegetables with it.
13. Cover the mold with foil and send to the preheated to 350°F (160°C) oven for 90 minutes.
14. Take off the foil and roast for another 40 minutes.
15. Serve hot with parmesan and parsley.

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hassan shahrokhshahi says:

A mouse could cook this welhy shouldn't I

Zinc Schlong says:

That Moment when i notice i forgot the onions

moh720 says:

"Ratatouille? But zat is a peasant's dish?"

Fərqanə Abdiyeva says:

I cooked, it tasted great. But it was difficult to prepare

J Ahn says:

Who cook the ratatouille!?! I demand to know!
Gets thrown into the storage room

Nurul Jannah says:

I'm just imagining that this was animated by the movie

SpiderSister Demon says:

Im lazy so I just use tomato sauce for the bottom

Al C says:

I enjoy the veggies but I'm sorry this dish look like blended trash …

Sumit Bagga says:

The background music makes me feel like I'm inside a disney movie sitting in a French restaurant.

Jsmn 22 says:

I'm gonna do this tomorrow and if it doesn't taste amazing i'm gonna cry :-))))

Jenn XYZ says:

ya i lrning how to make it today

Nusrath Pasha says:

Wow I thought Ratatouille is not real

Fatma Sabra says:

Basically it was baigan ka sabji😑

Chuy says:

All this time I thought it was slices of different color potatoes wow

David Ferry says:

Gotta leave out the sugar and it ain’t “chilly” peppers but it looks great!

Polish Surprise Eggs says:

ratatouille is great,sub and like

L.S. Pig says:

My mouth is literally watering

MyBKookie says:

I just put it on the oven I hope it would turn out good🤭
I'm not a good cook at all but I'm sure that even if I made some mistakes it would won't be gross that's for sure.
I would update tomorrow how it turned out since my family if going to eat it only tomorrow for lunch☺️

rigbyme says:

I thought ratatouille was a mix of pepperoni and cheese.
Because in the ratatouille i thought france was in italy for some reason.

Aseel Ammari says:

Mouth watering 🤤

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