Vegan on a Food Stamp Budget ~ $40 per Week for a family of 3 ~

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A follow-up video to “How to Stretch Your Food Stamps so You Aren’t Hungry at the End of the Month!”

Extreme Frugality / Living Well on Less / Dumpster Diving / Freeganism / Couponing / How to Save on Groceries / Vegan on a Budget / Curbside Shopping / Junking / Scrapping/ Ultimate Cheapskate/ Haphazard Gardening/ Poverty Cooking/ Lessons from the Great Depression/ Bargain Hunting / Suburban Homesteading/ $2 Meal Ideas


Barbara West says:

Great job! I would buy a bottle of canola oil instead of margarine. Still not the best oil, but cleaner than margarine.

Carson Vanderherp says:

Hey love bug! I need some help. I have a family of 4 and I’m vegetarian and they eat meat. I work in the coal mine and a lot of the times have to eat my food cold. We are on a budget but I’m so lost on how to do this. Lol

discoqueenmom says:

I wish canada had your prices for food!

Sammy Terranova says:

Thank you I loved this. I am only one person and try to spend about $40 per month. So this was great info. The best part was when you said you didn't have to steal sweetner packets because you got Truvia for free. Great tips. I am trying to do a whole plant based diet for weight loss. So thanks for this.

Lisa Boccardo says:

Now tho they allow you to buy prepared food ..years ago you couldn't do that waste of money to me instead of buying a cooked chicken for 7.99 you can. buy a family pack of chicken and separate in freezer bags!! To me that's wasteful but who am I to judge.also on the cash side they go to atm take some cash… buy beer !! Yes I said beer running a store wasn't easy it was a IGA store small mom and pops! Knowing what I know and saw they are not frugal they should have a class on how to spend the money by no way shape or form am I knocking anyone on the program..

GothicaBeauty. says:

I bought 5 large loose potatoes from Asda today for 86p

Moments formoms says:

Not sure if this was said already but margarine isn’t vegan. There are vegan butters and with sales/coupons could probably get a tub for $1-$2 maybe even less or free with rebates. I also use apps like receipthog and fetch for rewards back on my receipts. Also doing other rewards on apps and online help earn gift cards that I use for various items.

Peach Scouts says:

i get 80 a month for 2 people lol it really is just a supplement it helps but this is very helpful as well thank you

Disabled and Prepping says:

I live on $77/month for food and trying to go vegan. Any ideas besides rice and beans.

Audrah Coleman says:

I’m not entirely sure why you even did this when you don’t even get food stamps

Linda Clark says:

Dear frugal, please splurge on cinnamon@ the health food store bulk bcz ITS DELICIOUS…VIETNAMESE CINNAMON SO YUMMY! Margerine isnt food, this just turned obsessive im sorry…home econ teacher?

Marilyn Ortega-barba says:


Wendy's life and then some!! Howe says:

I'm starting from scratch on my groceries

Wendy's life and then some!! Howe says:

My food stamps decided by 4 weeks is about 22$ but should go up now that impaling rent

Brenda Cowell says:

Margine is awful for you. It was first invented to faten up fowl and other animals. If you put it outside in the open. You will see no bugs are attacked to it.

Brenda Cowell says:

On average grocery stores throw out 6 to 7 carts full of groceries every week. I worked at an A& P store . We threw away a lot . It's terrible

SuperSaiyanVeganGuitarCBDNihilist says:

This video deserves more views, honestly. This is great!

Margarita Galarza says:

I love your excellent videos on budgetting

Jilly Girl says:

We have a program in Maine that at specific Farmers Markets for every $1 spent using Food Stamps the person will receive a $1 in Harvest Food Bucks to use that same day @ the market- great deal –
However, you have the issue of:
a) knowledge of the farmer market program,
b) knowledge how to use the produce and not let it spoil,
c) transportation to the farmer's​ market,
d) knowledge of basic nutrition – bake kale chips and not purchase potato chips,
e) desire to learn new skills – cooking, nutrition, wise buying and wise use of food stamps
To accomplish this we need a different mindset for those offering food stamps and those using them But, I think it can be done

Angel says:

Oh, shittt. Now I gotta do it…

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