How to make Vegetable Casserole Stew – Winter Warmer – Recipes by Warren Nash

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If you’re looking for a vegetarian winter warmer that’s also really filling, look no further. My vegetarian stew recipe is packed full of winter vegetables and will really warm your insides up!

This recipe was suggested by the Vegetarian Baker. Check out Jac’s channel here:

Get the directions for my vegetable casserole on my website:

Ingredients (Serves 3 | Prep time: 15m Cooking time: 90m | 262 calories & 4.5g fat p/serving):

– 2 Onions
– 2 Garlic Cloves
– 1/2 a Swede
– 2 Celery stalks
– 2 Parsnips
– 2 Carrots
– 1 Leek
– 1 tin Chopped Tomatoes
– 1 tin of Butter Beans
– 1 Vegetable Stock Cube
– Olive Oil (to fry)
– Handful of fresh Parsley


TheSoulTwins says:

Garlic in a vegetarian stew – are you fucking serious!!!!!

j c says:

Thank you 😊 im cooking it this sunday

R MCK says:

Great video. Nice and short and easy to follow.

Aditya says:

Priceless to an Indian….

Gringo Xavier says:

Brilliant mate. I’m not vegetarian but I’m definitely giving this a go. 👍🏾

Real Deal says:

Needs more spice and herb

shirazisam says:

Hmmm. No herbs? How about some, rosemary, thyme in there?

Kahina Harrache says:

I've just made this !! Frankly speaking, it's incredibly tasty !! I'm quite impressed because i didn't expect it to taste so good !! First time ever i put swede and parsnips in my food .. and .. I'm not disappointed !! Thank you so much !!!

Rav Singh says:

What a great video and recipe. Im a terrible cook, but I tried it and it tasted beautiful 👍🏽

Fumie B says:

This videos addictive! I just want to dip me in gravy then splooge over the carrots!

J74 says:

Looks great. What size casserole pot is that?

RockWith T says:

subbed. This looks good.

GloryOrBust says:

I'm cooking this in summer because it tastes so good! 👍

Silk says:

Tried this recipe tonight. Added chili pepper flakes, and turkey sausage so my partner wouldn't scream I was trying to make him eat "bird food". Next time will add some Tuscan kale.

GloryOrBust says:

It tastes amazing! Thx for the recipe!!

Jennifer Bryant says:

Love the recipe warren  can I freeze it x


Although I commented this ages ago and was ignored

Do Cuban sandwiches

Or yuka fries

Or Piella

Or calzone

Lucy belle says:

could you mabay try making a fish stew or something

Nimisha Rajan says:

I really enjoy your videos…. They are really good quality and informative! Could you do recipes that are British Indian fusion food? I really love Indian food and would love it learn some basic recipes

Food And Drink In Seconds says:

Delicious, who thought veg would look so good! 

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