I Get Paid To Meal Prep Vegetarian Food For A Meat-Lover

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Today Erica has been given the challenge of meal prepping vegetarian food for a couple where one likes veggie-centric dishes and the other enjoys meatier plates — so what recipes will Erica come up with?

More about Erica’s e-book: https://fresherica.com/product/fresh-erica-meal-prep-e-book (available for pre-order now, out Jan 2020)

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Erica Adler


Marissa Wilson says:

One of my friends brought me some vegan chilli. It was so delicious that I ate the whole thing and didn't realize that it was vegan until she told me.

DJ's says:

Gluten Free noodles and such stuff are too sofisticated for us…For us noodles is noodles…

Priscilla Jimenez says:

Husband: Oh wow so much food in our usually empty fridge!

Eros -God of adult fun says:

The trick with eating meat replacements is to not think of it as a replacement, that thing you are eating is not meat and it never will be, and that is completely okay, and is okay to find things that mimic texture or flavor, but if you are looking for meat eat meat

Angelique Quintero says:

Omg! My name's Angelique!

Love the video btw

K Fus says:

How do I go about finding a professional meal prep or in my area?

Grant Bradley says:

Does Erica give her meal prep recipes away?

Faith Trout says:

I prefer veggie meals to meat meals, but the soba salad looks very unsatisfying😢😑

Imani S Brown says:

Food looks good but she had her hands in it too much for me

Quantum Leap says:

Your end product was great! That's a lot of work, that's why they hire other people to do it (from one chef to another). Hope you were compensated well, keep up the good work…

Kunwar Sagar Singh Parihar says:

Egg isn't vegetarian…

Kirstie Smith says:

This is pretty much me and my hubby's situation. I was surprised at how close the recipes were to what I make. Yay!

Tocarra Wilson says:

Hi can you please start posting recipes also 🙏 because food always look so delicious!!!!

Aman Sekhar Prasad says:


Trey Nuke says:

I want to cook all this!!! 😋

Ichsan Nurzaman says:

"Tofu and tempeh as meat replacement,"
Yup, Caucasian confirmed.
It's never designed to be a meat replacament! It's hella great on its own! People can love meat, tofu and tempeh altogether
Just don't trick them thinking that it's meat when it's tofu because that's a lie, a total lie.

Katy C says:

I don’t have good experience with meal prepping.. I find only red meat tastes better the longer it’s in the fridge. Veggies needs to be fresh every day.

Suvodip Chakraborty says:

Make indian Veg food. They will love it

Lydia Davies says:

cheese isn't bad for lactose intolerant people. the lactose disappears during the cheese making process

Emma Torode says:

If your a meat lover hopefully that means you just appreciate high quality food so will enjoy well made veggie food

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