Perfect Vegan dinner – Mushroom Stroganoff

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This is my incredible vegan mushroom stroganoff recipe! Its a tangy delicious dish full of flavour. Check out @epivegan on instagram for more inspiration.

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Brett Cobley says:

Thanks for watching friends! For more recipes check out my instagram @epivegan

popboyan says:

Delicious meal. I just haven't manage to find oats cream, so I used coconut milk.

Blame Adam says:

that was a moment. 6:02

F Warren says:

Finally the first recipe for vegan mushroom stroganoff that uses Paprika! Its. Not. Stroganoff. Without. Paprika.
Looks great 🙂

niyati saini says:

Can I substitute wine with anything else ?

Tanmay Nagi says:

I made this, it’s amazing. As a twist I added broccolini and potatoes.
I love it

lalsgoor __ says:

Thank you for this ❤❤👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

William Austin says:

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

woz UKLEEDS says:

Good job mate. Jamie Oliver reccomends putting water in after the cream, but I don't really think u need to do that. I did and unfortunately put too much water in and had to boil a lot of it out. Your recipe has more ingredients which will ofcourse give more layers of flavour 👍

Scott Winy says:

Rice with stroganoff!?!?! you heratic

Hiba Ali says:

I made this today and tasted heavenly ❤️if you are a person that loves sour and spicy flavors, then this recipe is for you😍❤️

Kay Kelsey says:

Would any white wine work?

Claudia Rocks says:

I’m in love 🥰

PtolemyauletesXII says:

Smoked Paprika and Dijon Mustard in Stroganoff. Glad to see I'm not the only one who sees these as a vital part!

Tango Vagabond - Food & Travel Lifestyle says:

Hmm.. not sure about chili flakes for stroganoff..

Alex says:

I'm a meat eater …. but this guy is Good at demonstrating/explaining ~ will certainly give this dish a go ……………….. Well done Brett

Dustin Bowen says:

Great stuff. Subscribed. You're on the way to building a banger of a channel, sir.

Adam Cox says:

I recommend you use liberty caps as they add a little magic 😉 🍄

Cherry Metha says:

Subbed ! Best MS receipe !

jo151 says:

I would imagine vegan sour cream would be the most logical substitute for creme fraiche. That's what I'm going to try tonight when I make this!

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