Why I'm Not a Vegetarian (In Two Minutes)

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Clip taken from a talk given virtually at the University of Reading in November 2020.

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warrenh says:

A: not all vegetarians are aware of this. B: Not all chicken farms do this.

marquisinspades1 says:

Some people are vegetarians because they don’t like the thought of eating dead animal flesh. It’s not always a moral issue.

Sean Williams says:

How much land, forest, diverted rivers have we destroyed the wildlife decimated for our food that been meat, veg, fruit.

Giles Mitchell says:

I think this isn't exactly correct : layer hens when "retired" from egg laying (read : killed) are sometimes used for food but the meat is such low quality so it's more used for stocks and soups etc. (Similarly retired female diary cows are often used for low grade meat) Then it's also true a lot of them are killed as a waste by product that never used for food. Certainly the male chicks are by and large wasted (or not used for feeding humans, some zoos may buy the ground up chicks). There are now some initiatives to ensure the wasted males enter the human food system, in Germany this is known as brüderhahn (literally "brotherhens") – a new marketing term as growing public awareness and horror surrounding male chick culling has forced their hand.

B.S.Free says:

No, because it is possible to produce an egg without abusing animals.
It's not possible to produce a chicken nugget.

One is a logical impossibility, one is bad industry practice.

New Thought says:

Dear vegans, thank you. More meat for me.

New Thought says:

So what? Stop politicising everything and enjoy your life!!

Patrik Lindholm says:

'Principally'. Thank you at least for your honesty.

Graeme Lastname says:

The vast majority have no concept of simple logic.

Danaura Transwoman says:

Sorry, you took 2:02 minutes. LOL

Cserpák Balázs says:

Would you be ok with raising chicken in the backyard, eat their eggs, also keep the roosters alive (for fighting, I'm joking)

Stephen Litten says:

This clip demonstrates why I distrust vegan arguments: misinformation and hypocritical attitudes.
Firstly the misinformation – farmed chickens are not as yet genetically modified organisms (GMO), they are selectively bred. Yes, there are GMO chickens, but currently these are limited to research facilities.
Secondly, there is the shifting definitions of animals and abuse. Most vegans seem to limit animals to either mammals or birds, but are prepared to include most chordata and a few, carefully selected and vetted (pardon the unintentional pun) invertebrates. Protozoa are ignored. I'm sure no-one wishes to share their body with Plasmodium. Abuse ignores the domesticated bee species necessary for most fruit and seed agriculture, and certainly the wide by-kill of small animals during harvesting seems to be totally glossed over.
Lastly, there is the need in much of the Third World to use animals in agriculture to plough, control pests, and protein consumption is danced around.

Ben Fynes-Clinton says:

Interesting. I knew very little about this. I have a fatal anaphylactic reaction to all legumes though. So that's beans, peas, soy, lentils, peanuts, tofu, hummus and all that stuff. If I cut eggs, milk and all meat sources out, are there other sources for nutrients like protein, calcium, and iron?

I don't see the need for unnecessary suffering. But I also don't want to make myself sick doing it.

aron craig says:

I have a small problem with this argument, from a philosophical perspective – it's not about vegetarian vs. vegan per say, it's about an inhumane industry practice surrounding egg production. It's certainly possible, and also certainly very difficult in most modern contexts, to eat eggs and not contribute to companies. It's a good argument in the context of practical realities for most folks but not fundamentally about the actual eggs themselves. As some other commenters have pointed out, there's the case of backyard/family farm eggs. It's also not hard to imagine, for example, we could engineer or breed a strain of chickens where male chicks were extremely rare to nonexistent – we've done similar things with certain plants already. And it says nothing either way about other products – milk, honey for some vegans, etc.

I completely agree that our current industrial production methods are horrible and need to change. There are many more examples beyond the one you cited as well. But those are philosophically separate from eating eggs/milk/etc. This is something we're also starting to see come up with meat as well – now that lab grown tissue is a practical reality, though similar to keeping your own chickens for eggs it's not realistic for most currently, we're going to start having to ponder how that fits in with our current ideas of vegetarian and vegan and or ethical reasons for making those choices.

Just want to keep the arguments honest about their actual logical boundaries and such.

Robert says:

Cognitive dissonance on the part of most vegetarians requires that they ignore the processes by which modern food is made.
(It's worse for milk cows, whose babies are taken from them, then end up as hamburger…)
If someone really wants eggs, the only "species friendly" way to obtain them is by stealing them from hens. I do not know if the hens suffer emotionally from that loss as much as the mother milk cows do…
I suppose one must assume that they do, since chickens show emotional response to many stimulus.

Petrockspiracy says:

I was vegetarian for years and the reason was I simply didn't know. As soon as I found out I changed in like two minutes lol.

unicornicopia weird shit says:

Raise your own chickens for eggs, problem solved.

windwalker 385 says:

Not many know. The best was to kill animals or even human humanly is hellium..yes hellium you put in billions….it's painless their is no feeling of suffocation..you breath normaly like your breathing air their is no stress you become unconciouse and pass away humainly.
Not one abertiouur uses it and no assisted end of life hospital uses it where it is legal..
Hellium is the only way to humanly end life painlessly why don't they do that.

I am a vegan by the way…
Yet people we'll eat meat for some time to come unless mirical happens and world becomes vegan and stops viva section..yet human race is evil and one day they may be compassionate and stop viva section and eating hurting are brothers and sisters.

Hilliums is only way to kill animals without suffering….

Robert Bouchardt says:

vegetarians aren't actually doing it on principle. If they are, they're misinformed or hypocritical.

ByteKnight says:

For me it was ignorance. Meat on your plate is way more in your face than eggs that have free-range written on them. Having never met a Vegan until I was an adult, and being the first one in my family to cut out meat entirely, I used to think and be told that Vegans like animals so much, that they don't want to take away the things that belong to them.

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