recreating vegetarian tiktok recipes | you NEED to make these!

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literally every single tiktok recipe I’ve tested has been amazing, easily one of my favorite ways to get new recipes to try! of course these are all vegetarian, some can easily be made vegan!

5 ingredient garlic noodles | @ juliehomedia
cucumber tea sandwiches | @ bekahboo1989
sweet potato “pulled pork” sandwich | @ abbybaffoe
evaporated potatoes | @ katherinewants

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emmychum2121 says:

If you buy English cucumbers (the long ones that usually come wrapped in plastic) they have much smaller seeds and their skin isn’t waxy. So you can skip the peeling and the seeding, but it’s a much better texture than regular cucs

sempraxiii says:

This is one of my fave videos you've ever done and I might actually try these recipes, especially the sweet potato one and the last one which both looked yummyyy

j.g.qi says:

Thank you so much! I do want more parts, and excited to see the new kitchen! 🙂

Lili says:

I think your kitchen is pretty

Brandi m says:

That was awesome yummy sweet potato bbq looks good. Please do a part 2

Deirdre White says:

the sweet potato sandwich and evaporated potatoes look so good! Will try them out for sure

Getan, gesagt. says:

When you announced that you're gonna move, I realized how long I have been following you. It all started with you're makeup videos back then. Awww…

Emma Berger says:

I hate cucumber too 🙂 nothing will change my mind

Ellinor White says:

Hey Sarah just letting you know I just watch your video on metal illnesses stereotypes Ik that always a long time ago but it was my friend video that I watched of you, I do have severe anxiety and get Panic attacks and I was watching the bit about OCD and I want to ask you I am very very messy but I am always organised and have compulsive thoughts so I don’t want to self diagnose I just want to ask you(btw my mum and dad have OCD) Also should i ask my psychologist about it

KittyMcfearson says:

I would love this to be a series!

Nancy Eves says:

Never making jackfruit pulled pork again

Peter Macansky says:

I would be def careful with tiktok recipes… ❤️

Peter Macansky says:

Its called carb hamburger lol xD

Peter Macansky says:


Anikó Kovács says:

i love your wooden little salt container it looks so cute

Lauren W says:

Congratulations on the upcoming move!! 🥳 But what’s wrong with white fridges? 😆 All the appliances in my home are white! 🤍

Peyton Reese says:

Omg this vid was so soothing & fun to watch, I can't wait to try these recipes. 😀

Jessica Douglas says:

please! part 2!

Eleonora says:

That cucumber mixture is basically greek tzatziki

Dani Adams says:

Please do 82627393939 videos of this I loved it!!!!!

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