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This is probably the greatest vegetarian sandwich ever. Crispy fried eggplant cutlets (eggplant Milanese), burrata, arugula, roasted red peppers, balsamic vinaigrette. This Italian fried eggplant sandwich is a perfect vegetarian meal, especially for picky eaters…forgetaboutit

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ermaawadh says:

Made it and it's really delicious 🤤 next time a I will add more balsamic vinaigrette 🌹

earth flat says:

egg…. wait what???? isn't this supposed vegan food? so vegan eat animal now? hmm

Jenna Maidment says:

Making this tonight but adding goat cheese and pickled onions 😁

Dan Weiss says:

Just made this with my kids – awesome. Tremendous sandwich!

Kyoumars Freeman Channel says:

Vegetarian and eggs? Sir, in vegetarian cooking we can’t use eggs, will you help with an alternative, please?

Giselle Plant Based Vegan says:

Eggplant Parmesan is my #1 favorite.

David Feinberg says:

That is an absolutely PERFECT sandwich!!! I never thought of using burrata….I've been making this type of sandwich for years…. it's my favorite. Now with the burrata instead of sliced mozzarella…. OVER THE TOP !!!!
You are a master !!!

Taylor the Tormentor says:

You are a great teacher and demonstrator. You give in-depth explantions on the cooking techniques and I really appreciate that!

Aayush Sharma says:

Any alternative for eggs?

Happy Larry says:

You Yankees love your salt
It's a beautiful thing

rosetealatte 9 says:

Im not even all the way through this video and ive already learned three things.
1) Make your second coating of breading dryer than the first to make the final product crispier
2) When you get a bubble in your cutlet its usually a sign of the oil being too hot
3) When you have a little uncooked spot on the cutlet, throw some oil on it

Bruce Bowman says:

We made these tonight, and they were delicious. Made extra eggplant cutlets, so making the parm recipe too. Nice work!

e=mc? says:

Asalamalaikum from a lebanese brother beautiful video. Thank you for making this.

Nicola Ablett says:

what do u suggest if someone is intolerant of egg maily the albumin?

A Z says:

That looks bomb!

Johan Brun says:

i like how you call it healthy and continue to use eggs and cheese… smh

G P says:

Healthy…until you add maple syrup!

Keita Marislo says:

Had a vegetarian sandwich in India in 2018, i think you should reconsider calling fried eggplant 'Greatest'.

KallaMigCP says:

he's chewing on it like a strongman bending a rebar xD

Hohmann Transfer Window Washer says:

So, I've cooked this. Even though I wasn't able to marinate my own peppers – for various reasons – even the storebought stuff, combined with lovingly made cutlets, were an absolute flavoursplosion.

Dude, I have to ask – do you have any recollection of having to sell your soul for this recipe? This level of tasty is outworldly. I normally don't even like eggplants, but Lord, this was simply divine.

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