FOOD WASTE Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On S1 E14

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The Pass It On recipe relay challenge is back and there’s a cheeky twist in the order of cooks. How can you reduce food waste in the kitchen? Can tips and tricks still be applied when there’s a time pressure?!

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Adam Shaw says:

1:07 I've only just noticed this but they look like a boy band from the 90s – I was hoping they'd all join in with Jamie!

Arturo Costantino says:

Peach stones are poisonous

Pheladi Letsoalo says:


Amethyst Jean says:

There is nothing wrong with food waste (as far as seeds and stems) but yogurt is going to be plastic waste

ashley steinhaus says:

I would’ve done it like a stew or casserole

Bianca Malan says:

Mike <3<3<3

Alicia Nichols says:

The… he… why didn’t he take all the sugar and candy the grapefruit rinds instead of tossing them. Ya’ll need a girl on this show

Arty Ryrep says:

Feel like they would've done better, if they had a clearer understanding of what counts towards food waste.

Michael Raymond says:

How do they still not have a second cloche? They deserve at least one more.

sharcalena says:

Order, most hungover that day.

khuang96 says:

3:34 what happened? 😅

Etarnalazure says:

That mobile buzzing at the start before Jamie sings keeps making me grab for my phone xD

Mr. K says:

How Jamie keeps winning battles is beyond me.

Stalwart Shinobi says:

Pass it on has become a real treasure! Always looking forward to the next one

frostdweller says:

After watching reruns of Pass It On, I feel they should do a 2nd take on Food Waste.

Denise Creagh says:

I love the fails. They are so hysterical when they do the
"pass it along". They all crumble and stay humble. Wow, that rhymed! I love each and every one of them!

100 Days MIC says:

Such a bad job of faking they don't know what they are doing. So fake.

Daniel Say says:

NOOOO! Dont put used coffee grounds into anything thats meant to be edible!!!

Megy Seth says:

I always skip Jamie's part…….I don't understand why is he with that 4 other guyz, I get he is supposed to be the "funny" one but messing uu everything and every time is not funny it's frustrating. Berry and Mike are at least trying and they are doing really good. James has some crazy ideas sometimes and they work almost always! Amazing. Ben ….. talkes trough every step …. amazing

Kate Juri Castañeda says:

Mr. James Alister Currie: alcohol, alcohol alcohol…
My drunk bottom: you are preaching to the choir

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