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My vegetarian story:

On giving up dairy/eating plant based and vegan:

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roryhigsmit says:

Didn’t even cook the baked beans wtf hahaha

Kaushal Gogula says:

how do people eat tomato directly I can't

MrFarkasOfficial says:


Sarah Panullo says:

Great recipe. Should say plant milk on the container, though. People get confused.

Johnny Norfolk says:

There is no such thing as a vegan fulll english breakfast. its only for wets.

Ethan says:

Oh the irony, before the video a KFC add played 😂😂😂

Paul Wharrier says:

That looks total shit

Lakshmy Manohar says:

Which milk is used in the tea?

peddaz55 says:

…and after putting it all together throw it into the bin

12jwood says:

That looks scrumptious. I'm sure I could eat it any day and I'm not even a vegetarian!

friends not food says:

Where's the maple "bacon" from?

jackass123491 says:

I bet those hash browns would make an amazing veggie burger patty

J Elle says:

What can I do instead of microwaving the potatoes?

Jay West says:

Looks good. I'd probably swap some stuff out though. I'd have spinach instead of hashbrowns. You can make bread with cauliflower too. Not sure if that would work in this case.

Julia Powroznik says:

the sausages weren't vegan they were vegetarian

Richard Campbell says:

That looks like heaven to me. What a great idea! I love a big breakfast, semi big lunch and smaller dinner. 🙂

Sacra898 says:

I watched this purely bc I'm hungry

simply.s says:

Have you ever tried making shiitake bacon? If you grill it long enough it reallyyy tastes like bacon!

Emily Strickland says:

Those hash browns looked perfect!! Although I'd skip the onion powder but that's just my preference 🙂

cupcakesandscissors says:

This was such a fun video to watch. Love it.

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